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As a member of the rock group “Player,” Ronn Moss is an accomplished singer, songwriter, and actor from the United States. He is also well-known for his charismatic portrayal of the fashion mogul Ridge Forrester in the hit television show “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which he played for 25 years. He always had a strong enthusiasm for music, and as a teenager, he started his own band. He and his friends started the band Player in the late 1970s. After being signed by the RSO records company, Player established a unique, gritty, and melodic rock sound. Many of its tracks made it into the Top 40 hits, and some of them, including the massive hit “Baby Come Back,” made it into the Top 10. Ronn made the decision to pursue acting as his band’s standing in the music industry began to decline. He was cast in his first movie, “Hearts and Armor,” and afterward, he was cast in the TV show “The Bold and the Beautiful,” which helped him become a well-known figure around the world. In 2006, a movement was started to elect Ronn as the Australian of the Year because of the enormous fan base he enjoys there.

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The career of Ronn Moss

Together with singer and guitarist Peter Beckett, guitarist and keyboardist J. C. Crowley, and drummer John Friesen, Ronn Moss founded the band Player in 1976. The singer and bassist were both him. They began creating songs and practicing them in a garage, where they finally caught the ear of Robert Stigwood, a British music mogul of Australian descent, who signed them to his RSO Records.

Their 1977 single, “Baby Come Back,” went on to become a massive hit and reach the top of the national pop charts in 1978. Player was chosen as the Top New Singles Artist of 1978 by Billboard Magazine. This Time I’m in It for Love, their second single, was likewise successful and reached No. 10. Three of the band’s hits from the US Hot 100 reached the Top 40.

Eric Clapton invited the group to open for him on his 1978 North American tour as a result of their burgeoning fame. In the years that followed, Player released numerous albums, including “Danger Zone” in 1978, “Room with a View” in 1980, “Spies of Life” in 1981, “Lost in Reality” in 1996, and “Two Many Reasons” in 2013.

Ronn Moss portrayed the part of Ruggero in the 1983 Italian film “Hearts and Armor.” He gained worldwide recognition when he was cast as Ridge Forrester in the 1987 television series “The Bold and the Beautiful.”

Numerous countries throughout the world televised the event, and thousands of people became his followers. He participated in the series until 2012. He also received praise from critics in 1987 for his performance in the Andy Sidaris classic “Hard Ticket to Hawaii” as Rowdy Abilene.

In 2006, Ronn Moss and his band spent two months touring Australia. Under Stefano Cecchi Records, he published his debut album, “Uncovered,” in 2007.

Individual Life of Ronn Moss

Ronald Montague Moss, better known as Ronn Moss, was born in Los Angeles on March 4, 1952. After seeing the Beatles at age 11, he developed a passion for music and started learning to play the drums, guitar, and electric bass. Even before he was of legal age to attend a club, he founded his own bands and began performing in Los Angeles clubs!

Ronn has had two marriages. He married Shari Shattuck in 1990, and they were divorced in 2002. In 2009, he wed Devin DeVasquez, his current spouse.

Ronn Moss’s Net Worth

American actor and singer Ronn Moss has a $12 million dollar net worth. He is most known for playing “Ridge Forrester,” the charismatic fashion entrepreneur on the CBS soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful from 1987 to 2012. He is also best recognized for being a member of the band Player. He was raised in Los Angeles and given the name Ronald Montague Moss in 1952. Moss was raised in a rock & roll music, theater, and concert environment.

He began studying the electric bass, guitar, and drums at the age of 11. In order to create the musical ensemble Player in 1976, Moss collaborated with fellow singer/guitarist Peter Beckett, guitarist/keyboardist J.C. Crowley, and drummer John Friesen, serving largely as the bassist and singer.

They created and practiced the music in a garage in the Hollywood Hills that would soon catch the ear of music mogul Robert Stigwood, who signed them to his RSO Records. Their single “Baby Come Back” held the top spot on the national pop charts for the first three weeks of 1978, and Player was chosen for the Billboard Magazine honor roll of the year’s Top New Singles Artists. The Bold and the Beautiful is where Moss made his name as an actor.

Since he took the role, which has thousands of followers around the world and is televised in various countries, the show has gained popularity. Moss is still most recognized for this part, and he frequently visits other countries to advertise his performance and his music.

In Australia, he has a sizable following. A movement to elect Moss as Australian of the Year first appeared in 2006, and most recently, he was highlighted in a television ad for Berri, an Australian orange juice manufacturer. On the popular reality television program Celebrity Wife Swap, he also appeared as a contestant. He also took part in the Italian version of Dancing with the Stars. Creason Carbo Moss and Caleb Maudine Moss are the couple’s two children, and Moss is currently wed to Devin DeVasquez.