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Ross Butler is an American actor whose portrayal on the Disney series ‘K.C. Undercover’ is his most recognizable. Furthermore, his performances in films including ‘Teen Beach 2’ and ‘Perfect High’ garnered him acclaim. Additionally, his depiction of ‘Zach Dempsey in the popular Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ has earned him recognition. Additionally, Ross was cast as “Reggie Mantle” on the television series “Riverdale.” Born in Queenstown, Singapore, he was reared in Fairfax, Virginia, by his Chinese-Malaysian mother. Ever since his youth, Butler had a predilection for the performing arts. His fascination rapidly transformed into a fervor. Following his graduation from Lancaster High School, he registered for classes at Ohio State University. His aspiration ultimately prevented him from focusing on his education, and he withdrew from the university after one year. He subsequently relocated to Los Angeles in order to enroll in acting courses. He quickly landed the part of “Allen” in the television movie “The Gateway Life.” His aspiration was to alter the prevailing perception of Asian-American males in mainstream Hollywood by entering the industry.

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Infancy and Early Life

Ross Fleming Butler was born in Queenstown, Singapore, on May 17, 1990, to a Chinese-Malaysian mother and a British-Dutch father. His mother reared him in the northern region of Virginia. He played the piano and the guitar during his childhood. Furthermore, he was an enthusiastic sportsman. He is the devoted owner of a tortoise named Sheldon. In southern California, he provides guidance to children at the Boys and Girls Club of Venice. After graduating from “Langley High School,” he enrolled at “Ohio State University” with the intention of majoring in biomolecular and chemical engineering, but subsequently realized he had no interest in the subject.

Ross has had an acting aspiration since his youth. Following a year of study at the university, he withdrew in order to pursue his acting career. He finally dropped out of college in 2010 and relocated to Los Angeles. Butler enrolled in acting classes after a friend presented him with the payment for his initial acting course as a birthday present on his 21st.

An Occupation About Ross

In the television film ‘The Gateway Life,’ Ross debuted on screen as ‘Allen.’ The film did not attract a sufficient number of spectators. Butler exerted considerable effort but received little recognition. Subsequently, he made an appearance during the second season of the 2013 television series ‘Major Crimes.’ He portrayed ‘Ian Yorita’ in the episode entitled ‘Pick Your Poison’ on the series. The series’ second season was broadcast between June 10, 2013 and January 13, 2014. There were a total of nineteen episodes.

He was selected as ‘Tony’ in the 2013 television film ‘Camp Sunshine.’ The film follows counselors at a summer camp as they struggle to accept the fact that they despise the season. Ross made his screen debut as ‘Eddie Peon’ in the short film ‘Work It Out’ that same year. He secured numerous assignments in 2014, including two films and four television series. The film in which he appeared was titled “Two Bedrooms.” Two young women experience the spectral presence of an entity within their residence in the film. “Leroy” was the character he portrayed in “Rules of the Trade.” A lonely drug dealer who was determined to find the passion of his life ultimately met her through an online dating site.

2014 marked his appearance on the television series ‘Star Seed,’ in which he played the role of ‘Chris Choi.’ Additionally, he portrayed ‘Chris’ on the television series ‘Hollywood.’ He was offered roles in the television series Happyland and Dog Park. He was beginning to garner recognition from both audiences and critics by 2015. In the television movie Teen Beach 2, he portrayed Spencer Watkins. On the evening of its première, approximately 7.5 million people watched the film, despite critiques that were ambivalent.

Following that, he portrayed “Nate” in the 2015 drama film “Perfect High,” in which Bella Thorne also appeared. His role in the film was that of Riley, the closest friend of Amanda., who was her boyfriend. The movie centered on the grave concern of substance abuse. Ross made three appearances in 2015 as ‘Hunter’ on the television series ‘Chasing Life.’ Following that, he portrayed ‘Jeremy’ in the film ‘Hacker’s Game.’ Following that, in 2015, he made an appearance on the comedy series ‘K.C. Undercover.’ He appeared in the series as Brett Willis, the protagonist’s partner, and an adversary informer. Mathematical prodigy “K.C. Cooper” starred in the series.

The television series Teen Wolf, an adaptation of the 1985 film of the same name, featured him in the lead role in 2016. Nathan Pierce was his character in three episodes of the television series. Butler portrayed ‘Reggie Mantle’ in six episodes of the web series ‘Riverdale’ in 2017. The series was inspired in part by the personas found in ‘Archie Comics.’ He starred in the popular Netflix adolescent web series ’13 Reasons Why’ the same year. He was cast in the series as ‘Zach Dempsey,’ a benevolent companion of ‘Justin’ and ‘Bryce.’

He provided the voice for the character ‘Limo’ in the 2018 anime anthology drama film entitled ‘Flavors of Youth.’ The following year, he portrayed ‘Jeremy’ in ‘Hacker’s Game Redux.’ He reprised his role as ‘Jeremy’ from the 2015 film ‘Hacker’s Game’ in this film. Presently under development is his forthcoming science fiction film titled “Shazam!” His function in the movie remains unknown. Additionally, he made an appearance in the second season of the television series ’13 Reasons Why.’

Individual Life About Ross

At this time, Ross Butler has not been embroiled in any controversy. He maintained a single-date policy until his early twenties, on the tenet that one must attain emotional maturity prior to entering into a committed relationship.
His claim to fame is that he defied stereotypes. In the past, every Asian actor in Hollywood was typically paired with a scholar or an engineer. Ross, nevertheless, portrayed “all-American” roles. His objective was to alter the audience’s perception of Asians. In one interview, he expressed his deep pride in his Asian ancestry.

Estimated Net Worth

Ross is among the wealthiest Singaporean television actors. The net worth of Ross Butler is $5 million. From a young age, he has harbored aspirations of pursuing an acting career. His most recognizable work has appeared in numerous television series.