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Popular among Americans is “YouTuber” Runik. On his YouTube channel, ‘Runiktv,’ he publishes hoaxes, challenges, reaction videos, comedy videos, and vlogs that have earned him widespread recognition. He launched the channel in 2017, subsequent to his triumphant cancer treatment, although he had initially established it in 2015. His initial video uploaded to the channel was a vlog in which he detailed his battle with cancer. Runik co-owners an additional YouTube channel with his romantic partner, Hali. Vlogs, stunts, challenges, reaction videos, comedy videos, and more are also featured on this channel. A selection of Runik’s original compositions can be found on his YouTube channel. In partnership with Hali, he possesses an online-accessible signature line of apparel and accessories.

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Notoriety on social media platforms

Runik began his social media career via the platform YouTube. Runiktv was the name of the channel he established on February 24, 2015. The initial video entitled ‘Runik Cancer Journey (8-30-2017)’ was published on the channel on August 30, 2017. Runik received a cancer diagnosis of diffuse large B-cell lymphoma in 2017. The cost of the treatment was substantial. To acquire financial resources for his chemotherapy sessions, he consequently established a ‘GoFundMe’ campaign. Numerous well-known “YouTubers” contributed to Runik’s fundraising efforts for the treatment.

Fortunately, Runik recovered as a consequence of the efficacy of his treatments. As of now, Runik has no malignancy. His YouTube channel was launched with a vlog detailing his battle against cancer. Currently, the channel’s content consists predominantly of vlogs, hoaxes, challenges, reaction videos, and comedic videos. With over three million “views,” the video entitled “Lacing Trey PRANK on Ar’mon & FunnyMike *VERY FUNNY” is the most popular on the channel.

Additional videos that have amassed millions of “views” on the channel include “DASH PT2 WITH THE BAD KIDS” and “DRIVE THRU BOONK.” “GOTFREEFOOD,” “CUTTING HAIR OFF PRANK WITH THE BAD KIDS,” “BY YOUR FRIEND, I’M PREGNANT PRANK!! “ON KING W/ NIQUE & FUNNYMIKE,” “FORGOT HOW TO SPEAK ENGLISH PRANK on GIRLFRIEND (Spanish Edition),” and “ABUSIVE BOYFRIEND PRANK ON FUNNYMIKE!! *WILD! There are currently over 848 thousand subscribers to the channel.

A second YouTube channel, which Runik co-founded with his companion Hali, is under their joint ownership. The channel, titled ‘Runik & Hali,’ features material that bears a resemblance to the content found on Runik’s personal channel. Almost 207 thousand individuals are subscribers of the collaborative channel. The channel, which was initially under the ownership of Runik, underwent a transformation into a collaborative channel upon Hali’s subsequent addition.

Additionally, the “YouTuber” duo has been featured on other channels. Their collaboration with the channel FunnyMike & Jaliyah has been their most popular. Additionally, Runik maintains an account on Instagram, where he has more than 720,000 followers. The official website for their signature apparel and accessories is Additionally, Runik is a musician who has recorded several original compositions, including ‘I Know,’ ‘Lost Time,’ and ‘I Can’t Lie.’

 Individual Life About Runik

The birthdate of Runik is January 3, 1998. He is a Louisiana resident. Runik is Mike Castillo in his actual life. Sister and brother are his siblings. His partner by the name of his significant other is Hali. Runik has appeared in videos with his parents, but he has never disclosed their identities. Runik is pals with the internet comedian and rapper 22 Savage.

Estimated Net Worth

Runik is one of the wealthiest American Instagram celebrities. Our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that Runik has a net worth of $5 million.