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Malibu, California
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Malibu, California

Rush Holland Butler is a rising social media sensation and actor from the United States. His ‘Instagram’ posts have garnered him a sizeable fan base. Additionally, he garnered notoriety for his debut performance in the web series ‘Chicken Girls.’ Brooke Butler’s brother, Rush, is a renowned singer and ‘TikTok’ star. Rush has also carved out a place for himself in this community of video creators. Rush is a member of the group ‘RockYourHair.’ On his YouTube channel, Rush posts tour-related updates and footage.

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Social Media Renown

Rush has always had an affinity for the performing arts. Since his childhood, he has participated in numerous acting projects. Whether it was the school festival or a stage production, Rush was always an active participant. His parents further encouraged him to pursue an acting career. The social media popularity of her sibling as a performer also inspired him to become an actor.

Rush was not even a teenager when he received his first acting offer. However, he opted to establish himself as an actor through social media. The idea of entering social media was not a terrible one, as it provided him with numerous opportunities in the acting industry. In 2017, he made his acting debut as ‘Flash’ on the web series ‘Chicken Girls.’ His sister shared screen time with him.

The sibling of Rush is a member of the band ‘RockYourHair,’ which frequently performs on stage and tours. Rush also joined the band later, which aided his rise to prominence as a performer. He also attempted his hand at hosting television programs. Along with Casey Simpson and Hailey LeBranc, he hosted the ‘Back to School’ concert in 2017.

On the social media platform, Rush has already established his reputation. His ‘Instagram’ posts have garnered him over 320 thousand followers. Annie LeBlanc, Carson Lueders, Logan Paul, HRVY, Hayden, and Dylan Summerall are among his illustrious ‘Instagram’ acquaintances. In an effort to demonstrate his talent, he began publishing videos on the application formerly known as (now TikTok). His lively and entertaining videos quickly attracted the attention of many.

He quickly amassed over fifty thousand TikTok emotions. He has taken part in the internet-viral performance-based challenge known as ‘The Boo Challenge.’ Rush has also collaborated with a few prominent social media personalities. Rush has appeared in videos for additional channels. He collaborated with YouTuber Christian Lalalma to create a Christmas-themed vlog. Rush has demonstrated his lacrosse abilities in a video with the YouTuber Carson Lueders.

Personal Facts about Rush

Rush Holland Butler was born in Malibu, California, United States on September 4, 2004. His sister Brooke is a well-known vocalist and social media influencer. He resides in Los Angeles, California at present. In his youth, he participated in several sports, including football, basketball, and lacrosse. In his early adolescence, he started playing golf.

Rush has reduced his participation in sports due to his busy schedule, but he still makes time for basketball. He also frequently visits the skating arena. Additionally, Rush is intrigued by fashion and styling. This was likely one of his motivations for joining the ensemble. He enjoys traveling with his pals. Rush is a puppy enthusiast.

Estimated Net Worth

Rush is one of the wealthiest Instagram celebrities in the United States. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, the net worth of Rush Holland Butler is $5 million.