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“BuzzFeed Unsolved” is a documentary television series that Ryan Bergara created and produces. His accomplishments as a writer, director, editor, and cinematographer are equally well-known. Since joining “BuzzFeed” in 2014, he has played a crucial role in the well-known media organization. In addition, he owns Jamexi Productions, his production firm. Bergara wants to infuse television series and films with a cinematic quality as an aspiring filmmaker. Ryan Bergara has a sizable following on social media, with over 425,000 Instagram followers and over 176,000 Twitter followers.

Early Years of Ryan Bergara

Sean On November 26, 1990, Steven Bergara was born in the United States. He was chosen as one of the 50 students to volunteer at “Arcadia High School” throughout his high school years. In addition, he represented “Senior Men and Women” (SMW) as one of its ambassadors. He was involved in cleaning schools and gathering canned items for underprivileged communities as a volunteer. Following his high school graduation in 2009, he enrolled at Orange, California’s “Chapman University.” He began working as an editorial intern at “Sony Pictures Entertainment” in November 2010. He oversaw the editing machinery used in movies and television shows while he was an intern. He started working as an intern in production management at “Viacom” in September 2012. After that, he worked for five months as an intern in digital video for “Whalerock Industries,” where he was supervised by renowned executive producer Gunnar Wetterberg. In 2013, Ryan Bergara earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Television and Broadcast Journalism from college. In addition, he finished a unique program in narrative television.

Career of Ryan Bergara

Ryan Bergara began working at “Whalerock Industries” as an editor and cinematographer. He began working as a camera operator, editor, and producer at “Take One Productions” in 2014. He spent six months working at “Take One Productions” before joining “BuzzFeed” in August 2014. He is currently a video producer at BuzzFeed, where he creates popular programs like BuzzFeed Unsolved. In addition, Ryan Bergara has directed documentaries, web ads, music videos, and short films.
Some of his best-known films as a director and editor are “Auraware,” “Casey Wong: Monster Maker Part 1,” “Business and Friends,” “The Change,” and “All of Me.”

He is renowned for his sports event and wedding videography as well. Jamexi Productions was established by him in January 2009. Bergara was chosen to star in the short film “Beautiful Day” in 2018. TJ Marchbank is the director of the movie, which also features Shane Madej, a longtime friend of Bergara’s.

Individual Life of Ryan Bergara

Ryan Bergara firmly believes in the presence of ghosts and otherworldly spirits. He has traveled to several haunted locations for his “BuzzFeed Unsolved” series, including the “Villa Montezuma” estate, “Goatman’s Bridge,” “Ohio State Penitentiary,” and “Rolling Hills Hospital.” Additionally, he has been to the locations of Jack the Ripper’s notorious killings. He is Shane Madej’s close buddy and frequent collaborator in his videos. Madej visits some of the most haunted locations in and across the United States with Ryan Bergara. Helen Pan is the woman with whom Bergara is in a relationship. Helen Pan frequently appears as a model on Ryan’s website in addition to being featured in numerous of his social media posts.

On social media, Ryan Bergara enjoys a lot of popularity. There are more than 176,000 followers on his Twitter page. With over 425,000 followers, he maintains an unusual mix of photographs and videos on Instagram. Additionally, he may be seen on BuzzFeed’s “BuzzFeed Unsolved Network” YouTube channel, which boasts over 1.6 million subscribers. Ryan Bergara is an aspiring director who wants to give television shows a cinematic feel. He resides in Los Angeles, California, at the moment.

Net worth of Ryan Bergara

The estimated net worth of Ryan Bergara is about $1 million.