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Toronto, Ontario

Canadian YouTuber Ryan Swaze is well-known for his comedic videos, which he uploads to his channel of the same name. His channel is jam-packed with a variety of videos, including humor, pranks, and reaction videos. Ryan enjoys a similar level of popularity on other social media sites like Twitter and Instagram. He frequently works with a lot of different YouTubers. He has worked with his fellow YouTuber WolfieRaps on a number of his videos. These group films have received a significant amount of likes and shares. WolfieRaps Owes Me $30, one of the group’s joint videos, eventually rose to the top of the charts. On his YouTube account, Ryan has more than 600,000 subscribers.

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YouTube’s Story

Ryan has consistently used social media. He started a Twitter account in 2009, and ever since then, he has been active on the platform. He began by sharing amusing images and tweets on Twitter. When he started publishing his opinions on hot topics, his popularity increased. Many people like his clever and humorous words, so the thought of starting a YouTube channel came to him.

In September 2015, he started a YouTube channel, but it took him over a year to upload his first video. His debut video, titled “Cheapest Birthday Gift Ever,” was uploaded in 2016. Together with a friend who received cheap and pointless birthday gifts, he created this film. Ryan’s admirers enjoyed his amusing reaction to opening the present packages. When his pal unearthed useless bouquets and expired cupcakes that were a gift from his girlfriend, he made amusing faces.

In one of the films, Ryan consumed free, stale cupcakes, which caused him to become ill and weak. Then he produced a film about the crazed video game “Pokemon Go.” He also revealed his biggest secret and said that he has not yet learned how to drive. He talked about getting a poor haircut in one of his videos. In the video, he detailed how the hairstylist damaged his hairline and gave him a crazy appearance.

He also poured ketchup on his companion when the latter was sleeping as a practical joke. The “100 layers of everything challenge” was then taken up by Ryan, who ate a stack of a hundred waffles. On a few general knowledge items, he created a reaction film. Along with WolfieRaps, Ryan also published a lot of videos. They responded to their fans’ request for them to produce a “question and answer” video by responding to all the queries put forth by their supporters. Even some of their fans inquired as to whether they were brothers.

WolfieRaps and Ryan have worked together on a number of challenge videos. Many of their admirers favored a video in which they sampled the hottest chili sauce. Ryan afterward produced some films on basketball and bowling. Ryan and his mates wrecked the bowling alley’s floor while trying their hand at bowling. He then collaborated with another YouTube channel known for its humor and practical joke videos.

In a video that Ryan and his buddies produced, they tasted both branded and non-branded sodas and compared them. Ryan previously posted a reaction video based on trivial information, but this time he picked trivial information that was offensive. Additionally, he recorded a movie called “Impossible water bottle trick shots” in which he demonstrated his proficiency with water bottles.

Then he published a video challenge in which he asked his friends to taste a variety of chips and determine the brand. When it comes to internet challenges that go viral, Ryan and WolfieRaps worked together on “the cosmetics challenge,” one of the most well-known. Ryan was given a full face of makeup by WolfieRaps, which made him look like a clown. While attempting to apply makeup to Ryan, WolfieRaps utilized the incorrect products and made mistakes with the products. The video demonstrated Wolfie’s ignorance of makeup and its components. Once more working together, Ryan and WolfieRaps published the well-known “try not to laugh challenge.”

Individual Life of Ryan Swaze

On February 6, 1993, Ryan Swaze was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He grew up alongside Jessica McQuoid, his older sister. Ryan enjoys playing a variety of sports and is a passionate basketball lover. Ryan detests talking about his family in his YouTube videos and prefers to keep his personal life hidden.

Ryan Swaze Net Worth

Ryan is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. The sources we looked at for this estimate were Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider. Ryan Swaze’s net worth is roughly $1.5 million.