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Saiko, also known as Rodrigo Ximenes, is a Brazilian YouTube gamer. His channel, of the same name, is immensely popular due to the playthrough and instructional videos he posts on the subject. Saiko, whose vivacious commentary-driven gameplay content is well-known, is a highly skilled gamer who possesses exceptional abilities in presentation, wordplay, and gaming. He delights in attempting novel and inventive strategies in the realm of gaming. Saiko, who was born and reared in Brazil, is one of the country’s limited number of social media influencers who have achieved significant success. Owning a singular sense of humor, he is an exceptionally intelligent and humorous individual. Observing his commentaries is made even more amusing by his impromptu antics. He adheres to the philosophy of savoring life and carries a constructive mindset. Saiko, who possesses a romantic disposition in person, is a devoted and affectionate partner at present.

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Achieve Stardom About Saiko

The channel ‘Saiko’ was launched by Rodrigo Ximenes on August 17, 2013. This channel’s inaugural video was titled “COISO 01 # Premiere: SAMP, Garbage Rangers, and Latin Kings.” The subsequent gaming video was titled “COISO 02# Splinter Cell, Sam #Bolado e MIMIMI.” The spectators exhibited a moderate degree of interest in his introductory videos. The release of the gaming video ‘COCONELS, The Clones Of Julio COCIELO’ on July 25, 2016, boosted Saiko’s channel. The video presented a synthesis of the gamer’s perspective on the “cocielinhos.” The video gained widespread attention almost immediately.

Additionally, throughout the years, he released a number of animated videos, including ‘The Worst Thing That You Can Have Also!’ and ‘Como Eu Roubei Sem Querer.’ Furthermore, these videos were well-received by the audience. As of this moment, this channel has amassed more than one hundred million views and more than one and a half million subscribers. It is immensely well-liked by the YouTube demographic, particularly Brazilians!

‘Incorrect Things I Did At School’ and ‘Delayed Things I Did At School’ are two of the most popular videos on his channel. The gamer discusses in these recordings all the improper and delayed actions he committed during his time in school. To date, these videos have amassed millions of views. ‘The Most Conscious Moment Of My Life (ft. TheOdd1sOut)’, one of his most recent videos, is also visually appealing. An animated video portrays a situation in which Saiko and colleague YouTuber TheOdd1sOut are involved.

Saiko maintains an additional YouTube channel titled Saiko joga/Saiko plays. In addition to being published on September 19, 2014, it includes animated and gaming content. There are currently more than one million subscribers to this channel. Since May 2018, Saiko has not published a new video to his primary channel; however, his secondary channel remains active. You can view it at

Individual Life About Saiko

Saiko was born in Brazil on March 18, 1998. He is presently involved with a woman whose identity he has refrained from revealing. He frequently posts images of his companion to Instagram. Among his close companions among YouTube enthusiasts is TheOdd1sOut. You can view it at

Estimated Net Worth

Saiko is among the wealthiest Brazilian YouTube celebrities. Our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that Saiko has a net worth of $5 million.