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American influencer on social media Sam Collins. He is a transgender person who transitioned from female to male (FTM or F2M). He shares his transformation process on his YouTube channel. On his channel, Sam mostly posts videos on transgender people, but he typically does so subtly. He has used made-up names to recount his life narrative in one of his “YouTube” videos. Even the name he was given at birth has remained a secret. After changing into a man, he took on the name “Sam.” Sam was also active on “YouNow” and “Instagram” and had made “Vine” videos before the app’s removal. He frequently shares photos of himself with Sheila Mushrif on Instagram, with whom he is in a romantic relationship.

Birth and Formative Years

Boston was the place of Sam Collins’ birth on February 2, 1996. Growing up in the Greater Boston area, Saugus is a town in Essex County, Massachusetts. Sam was previously known by a different name since he is a female-to-male (FTM or F2M) transgender person. He has never disclosed his true name, though. At first, Sam had a female appearance. But he knew deep down that he was a boy.

Sam was raised alone by his mother and has no siblings. The first time he saw his father, he was eight years old. He was unaware of the changes he underwent from elementary school to the fifth grade. By the end of the fifth grade, he began to recognize his differences. It was a major blow to his social life. It was hard for Sam’s friends to deal with his abrupt behavioral shifts. Sam changed from a happy youngster to a quiet adult.

Because of this, by the time he got to middle school, he had lost a lot of friends. He discussed an incident from middle school in his “Draw My Life” video. He did, however, use made-up names when telling the tale. He revealed that he was drawn to a girl he had met at the summer camp for his middle school. His classmates harassed and bullied them regularly. Sam added that he frequently pretended to be a boy in online talks.

Opening Up the Closet

By the time Sam reached his teenage years, despair had completely taken over his life. He even made a couple of suicide attempts. In his storytime video titled “I wrote a suicide note 10 years ago,” he referred to this. At the time, Sam was going through a biological transition that he was unable to handle. By the time he completed high school, though, he had recovered his confidence. He told his mother about his sexual orientation when he was fifteen years old. As Sam grew older, he became aware of his uniqueness from those around him. His mother encouraged and welcomed him.

Sam began his transformation from a female to a boy on July 20, 2012. That day, he got his hair chopped. After that, he changed his name. Sam received support from his mother, who also spoke at Sam’s school about transgender people. Subsequently, Sam transferred to a different high school since the transgender committee did not accept them. He transferred to a new high school since he thought the old one was inferior. Now that he has fully changed into a boy, Sam frequently uses his “YouTube” channel to share his adventures and tales.

Social Media Notoriety

Sam started his “YouTube” channel in 2012, but at first, he wasn’t too serious about it and didn’t upload anything. Later on, though, when he started uploading films featuring transgender people, he became well-known. Sam worked on his content ideas throughout time. His distinctive material has made him well-known. But he speaks primarily about transsexual people. “The trans community is a MESS – LGBTea ep. 2,” “The trans community is FIGHTING – LGBTea ep. 1,” “No transgenders in our bathrooms!!!,” and “Trans people detransitioning???” are a few of his transgender-related “YouTube” films.

As of right present, the channel has over 306,000 subscribers. In May 2015, Sam and his friend Steven Doung launched a second “YouTube” channel. Subtitled ‘Steven & Sam,’ the channel mainly features challenge and “expectation vs reality” videos. On the other hand, there aren’t a lot of subscribers to the channel. Sam is also active on ‘Instagram,’ where he has over 136 thousand followers thanks to his posts. He had previously produced videos on “Vine,” but the program was eventually discontinued. Sam also does live streaming on ‘YouNow,’ where he has a decent fan base.

Individual Life Of Sam

At the moment, Sam is seeing Sheila Mushrif, a girl. They started dating in 2016. In reality, Sheila was a fan of Sam’s. Sam frequently updates his “Instagram” account with photos of Sheila. Sam is more comfortable dressing casually. He is fond of the outdoors. Sam is a daring individual who enjoys scuba diving.

Estimated Net Worth

It is estimated that Sam Collins has a net worth of $2 million. Although he hasn’t revealed precise earnings information, his fortune is mainly.