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Samantha Lewthwaite, also known as the White Widow, is a terrorist suspect and a member of Al-Shabaab and Al-Qaeda. She is the widow of 7/7, the mastermind behind the London bombings. She was born into a Christian family but converted to Islam as an adult. Samantha was found guilty of possessing numerous counterfeit international passports, which she had utilized for her travels. On numerous occasions, she had utilized her children to conceal her clandestine life. Samantha is employed by the intelligence unit of all major terrorist organizations. Numerous confiscated items, including paperwork and letters, point to her role in the manufacturing and providing bombs to numerous terrorist organizations. As one of the most sought-after terrorists in the world, Interpol has issued a Red Notice on her. Samantha remains at large and is believed to be protected by Al-Qaeda.

Youth and Early Life

Samantha was born in Banbridge, County Down, Northern Ireland on December 5, 1983. Andrew Lewthwaite, her father, is a former soldier who served in the ninth and twelfth Royal Lancer cavalry regiments. Elizabeth Christine Lewthwaite, her mother, is of Irish Catholic descent. Samantha has two siblings: Allan Lewthwaite and Sabrina Lewthwaite.

As soon as Samatha was born, her family relocated to Aylesbury, England. After attending Elmhurst Middle School and The Grange Secondary School, she enrolled at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies to study politics.

However, she dropped out of college and abandoned her Christian roots before converting to Islam at age 18. She was given the name Sherrifiyah.

The widow White

Samantha met Germaine Lindsay, one of the convicted London bombers, at a post-9/11 campaign rally. Lindsay converted to Islam and took the name, Abdullah Shaheed Jamal.

They tied the knot in October 2002. Samantha registered her marriage under the name Asamantra and gave birth to a son shortly thereafter. Her first daughter was born after the July 2005 explosion in London.

During the trial for the London explosions, it was established that Jamal was responsible for the attack, and Samantha was condemned for her indirect involvement in the terrorist crime. She was referred to as the White Widow because of her British heritage and because she was the wife of a suicide bomber.

Journy London Explodes

On July 7, 2005, a bomb exploded in a train at the Parsons Green Station, and Samantha immediately made headlines. The attack killed thirty passengers and injured several others.

The Scotland Yard inquiry indicated Jamal’s direct participation, and Samantha was arrested. She initially rejected the charges, but then confessed and informed the officers that Mohammad Siddique Khan, the chief planner behind the explosion, is a friend.

Samantha’s Al-Shabaab

Samantha disclosed her direct ties to the Somalia-based terrorist organization Al-Shabaab immediately following the explosion in London. She was photographed with the wife of Al-Shabaab terrorist Musa Hussein before going to Somalia, where the group’s headquarters are based.

She is supposedly being protected by the group in Lower Shebelle, which is an integral element of Al-Shabaab, in southern Somalia.

She was convicted of working for the group’s intelligence unit. She was also charged with instructing other women to collect information from government entities by acting as spies.

The women she coached would disguise themselves as street vendors or hotel employees in order to gather sensitive information. The gathered intelligence was relayed to Samantha, who would subsequently relay it to other senior Al-Shabaab members.

Samantha escaped to South Africa in 2008, where she met her second husband, Fahmi Jamal Salim, and married him. He is also a terrorist and a member of the same organization.

Her Fake Passports

When officials searched her abandoned home, they discovered many counterfeit passports that she had used to travel. She had falsely claimed to be Natalie Faye Webb. In August of 2011, she traveled to Kenya using a bogus passport once again.

Samantha’s Grenade Attack

Samantha was the leading suspect in a grenade attack at a bar in Mombasa, Kenya, due to her frequent travels to Kenya. The bar was assaulted on June 24, 2012, leaving three people dead and 25 others injured as they watched a Euro Cup play.

She was observed near the Jericho Beer Garden soon before the incident, according to reports. People said that she kept firearms and bomb-making ingredients in a nearby residence. She evaded capture before officers could apprehend her. Another British guy, Jermaine Grant, was found guilty as well.

A year later, Samantha was accused of leading an attack on visitors visiting to the Maasai Mara National Park in Kenya for a wildlife safari.

Samantha’s Red Alert

Samantha was branded the most sought female terrorist suspect in the world. Interpol issued a Red Notice about charges against her and her current husband, Habib Saleh Ghani.

The announcement was distributed to all 190 Interpol member nations. Interpol Secretary General Ronald K. Noble requested Kenya to launch a global network that would serve as a trap to capture Samantha following the publication.
Samantha is additionally accused of financing and planning a terrorist assault in Mombasa.

Kenya Shopping Mall Attack

Samantha is also connected to the attack at the Westgate Shopping Center in Nairobi. There were 67 fatalities, including five British citizens. Some of the survivors described seeing a Caucasian woman who ordered the assailants to charge the shopping mall before opening fire.

Investigations established Al-involvement, Shabaab’s but Samantha’s role could not be proven conclusively. The terrorist organization revealed that no women were part of the act.
Additional research revealed that Samantha was not one of the four primary suspects and that she was not involved.

Her Home Searches

A number of Samantha’s residences in Mombasa were subject to police searches. They discovered a diary that described how to live as the wife of a suicide bomber. Additionally, they discovered 3.4 million Kenyan Shillings in a five-bedroom residence in Shanzu, Mombasa.

She rented the Nairobi residence with her children using her South African alias, Natalie Faye Webb, according to an official document. The flat was near to the Junction shopping mall, which, according to British intelligence, was a potential target for Al-Shabaab. A rental agreement indicated that she paid close to £500 per month for the apartment, although having no discernible income.

The police also discovered handwritten messages in her home that indicated she was raising her children to be jihadists.
A love poem she wrote to Osama bin Laden was also discovered. This 34-line poem expressed her adoration for the then-Al-Qaeda leader.

Presence Suspect in Lamu

Ghani, whose alias is Osama, the ex-husband of Samantha, was suspected of kidnapping Marie Dedieu from her beachside home on Manda Island, Lamu, Kenya. The authorities believe that Samantha may have been transported out of Kenya using a decoy.

Her Death Rumblings

In November 2014, the Russian News Agency Regnum said that Samantha was killed by a sniper in East Ukraine. According to reports, she was killed by pro-Russian rebel fighters. However, no photographs of her corpse were released. In addition, there was no evidence that she was in Ukraine at the time.

Samantha allegedly entered Ukraine under a false name and was deployed as a sharpshooter in the Donetsk region, according to contradictory reports.

After Samantha was photographed with her jihadist husband, Marco Costa, an Al-Qaeda suspect, these rumors were debunked. In addition, a home-taken selfie of Samantha was provided to refute the claim.

Estimated Net Worth

Samantha Lewthwaite is one of the wealthiest and most popular musicians in the world. According to our investigation, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Samantha Lewthwaite has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.