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A well-known YouTube sensation from Norway named SaraBeautyCorner put up a profession in banking and insurance to follow her passion for art. She began using YouTube in 2013 to showcase her ability and creative outpouring after discovering that her true calling was in the arts. Her birth name was Sara Marie Lawler. It’s interesting because although many people need dozens of films to succeed, Sara did so right away. Her very first YouTube video, titled “OMG! A beauty trailer called “Not Another Beauty Guru:P! A Beauty Trailer from a Beauty Guru Living in Norway” became popular right away and received over 2 million views. Her Instagram account has 252k followers, compared to her YouTube channel’s 5.4 million subscribers.

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The Epic Ascent to Stardom

When you think about BeautyCorner, you probably picture inventiveness and imagination, but Sara’s life would have taken a completely different turn if she hadn’t given her passion some wings. Sara was formerly an executive in finance and insurance, but she only gave it a half-hearted effort because she knew her true calling lay elsewhere.

Sara used online media to express her enthusiasm for making innovative and entertaining things because it was her area of expertise. She posted her first YouTube video, titled “OMG!,” in 2013. A Different Beauty Guru:P! A beauty trailer from a Norwegian beauty expert. Over 2 million people have watched the video since it became viral. Sara’s fate was changed by the video, which saw her ascend to popularity, notoriety, and prominence. She quickly rose to fame on YouTube. Her videos are all about beauty advice, and she discusses unconventional but stylish makeup, easy and simple DIY projects, and daring but gorgeous nail art.

Her DIY films are extremely well-liked since they teach viewers simple techniques for creating items at home. But Sara’s SaraBeautyCorner isn’t only about that; in some of her videos, she frequently makes relevant jokes. Sara’s popularity has increased at an amazing rate in just a few short years. 3.4 million in August 2016, her following grew dramatically, reaching over 5.4 million admirers worldwide and counting by May 2017. She was in the top 100 most subscribed channels and one of the largest subscriber gainers of 2016.

Individual Life of SaraBeautyCorner

On December 25, 1987, in Bergen, Norway, Sara Marie Lawler gave birth to SaraBeautyCorner. Sara held positions in banking and insurance before starting a social media ruckus. She was aware, though, that she wasn’t suited for it. Sara realized that creativity was her strength. She loved coming up with fun and original ideas, and she used that same enthusiasm in her foray into social networking. Although Sara’s life is largely private and there is no concrete information about her upbringing or educational background, there is speculation that Sara is seeing Tej, her filmmaking assistant who assists her in filming her movies. On their Instagram profiles, the couple frequently shares adorable images of themselves while traveling. However, neither of them has made a formal declaration about their relationship.

SaraBeautyCorner Net Worth

A Norwegian woman named Sara runs the DIY, comedic, and beauty channel SaraBeautyCorner. She is thought to be worth $4 million. Her content focuses on DIY, humor, makeup tips, nail art, interior design ideas, and any other fantastic concepts that come to her. Every DIY instruction and nail art design is incredibly easy to follow and mostly geared toward novices.