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Sarah Shahi is an actress from the United States who is best known for her role in the television series ‘Life.’ Shahi’s mixed ancestry, which included an Iranian father and a Spanish mother, enabled her to see beyond religion and place. Shahi has wanted to be an actor since she was a child. She began modeling when she was just eight years old and quickly advanced. She was involved in a lot of theater throughout high school and college. Sarah, who is now a well-known film and television actress, began her career modestly. Before landing a main part in a television comedy, she appeared in a number of guest appearances in numerous television programs and films. Shahi’s fame, however, is not just due to her acting abilities. She is one of Hollywood’s sexiest actresses. Shahi debuted at number 90 on the Maxim magazine’s “Hot 100” list in 2005, rising to 66 in 2006 and 36 in 2012. In October 2012, she was featured on the cover of Maxim’s ‘TV’s Hottest Girls’ issue. In 2007, she was also named fifth on the AfterEllen.com hot list. Sarah Shahi is not only an actress, but also a sports fan who worked as an NFL cheerleader before stepping into the spotlight. In addition, she has a brown belt in karate.

Childhood and Adolescence

Sarah Shahi was born in Euless, Texas, to Abbas Jahansouz Shahi and Mah Monir Soroush Azar on January 10, 1980. Her father was an Iranian-Spanish who was born in Spain, and her mother was an Iranian-Spanish who was born in Iran. Sarah has two older siblings: a brother named Cyrus and a sister named Samantha.

Sarah was given the Persian name Aahoo, which means “gazelle.” After hearing a song in second grade, she changed her name to Sarah. Her choice to alter her name was motivated by her friends’ mockery. Sarag’s parents split when she was ten years old.

She attended Trinity High School for her early schooling and subsequently Southern Methodist University, where she majored in English and Theatre. She excelled in athletics while in school. She got bitten by the modeling bug while still in school. When she was eight years old, her parents brought her to a beauty contest. She went on to win the Miss Fort Worth pageant in 1997.

Career of Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi, who wanted to be an actress, joined the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders in 1999. She was featured on the cover of the squad’s calendar the following year. She met filmmaker Robert Altman while working as an extra in ‘Dr T and the Women’ in Texas, and he advised she relocate to Hollywood. She subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, where she appeared in a variety of television shows such as ‘City Guys,’ ‘Spin City,’ ‘Boston Public,’ Off Centre,’ and others.

She played Jenny in the television series ‘Alias’ for seven episodes between 2001 and 2002. She has appeared in guest appearances on shows including “Dawson’s Creek,” “Reba,” “ER,” “Frasier,” “Century City,” and “Supernatural.”

Her cinematic career took off in 2003 when she landed her first credited part as Erica in the film ‘Old School.’ She appeared in a number of films after that, including ‘A Lot Like Love,’ ‘For Your Consideration,’ ‘Rush Hour 3’, ‘Shades of Ray,’ ‘Crossing Over,’ and ‘AmericanEast,’ among others.

She was cast as DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales in ‘The L Word’ in 2005. She performed her part until 2007, after signing a two-year deal. Meanwhile, she appeared in a number of TV shows, including ‘Sleeper Cell,’ HBO’s ‘The Sopranos,’ and ‘Kennedy and Heidi.’

Sarah Shahi’s career took off when she landed a main part in the NBC television series ‘Life,’ in which she co-starred alongside Damian Lewis. She portrayed murder detective Dani Reese in the film. The show aired for two seasons before being cancelled.

She got the main part in the USA Network pilot ‘Facing Kate,’ which was eventually renamed ‘Fairly Legal,’ in 2009. The program chronicled the lives of Kate, a legal mediator who is fed up with the court system’s inefficiency and unfairness. After two seasons, the program was canceled.

On the NBC drama ‘Chicago Fire,’ she played the romantic interest of Lt. Kelly Severide in 2012. She later appeared in ‘Person of Interest’ as Sameen Shaw. While she appeared on the program as a guest star in season 2, she became a regular in season 3. She has appeared in guest parts on prominent television shows such as ‘Relevance,’ ‘Ray Donovan,’ and ‘Pitch.’ Sarah Shahi has previously appeared in the movies ‘Static’ and ‘Bullet to Head.’

She was cast as renowned detective Nancy Drew in a proposed TV series based on the same-named book series after she returned from her maternity leave. The program, however, did not make it to the screens. At the same time, she continued to appear on ‘Person of Interest’ as Sameen Shaw until the program concluded in June 2016. Sarah Shahi is now starring in NBC’s ‘Reverie’ and Michael Bolton’s ‘Big, Sexy Valentine’s Day Special.’

Major Projects of Sarah Shahi

Sarah Shahi’s acting career may have started with the NBC television series ‘Life,’ which helped her get her first starring role, but she has a long list of accomplishments. Her most famous part was as DJ Carmen de la Pica Morales in the 2005 film ‘The L Word.’ Despite being undecided whether or not to embark on the project, Shahi now considers it to be her finest role.

She had to portray a lesbian and engage in lovemaking sequences with other women in order to get the part. She was originally concerned about the rigors of the part, but she soon understood that it was the best chance for her to showcase her abilities. She now considers it to be her ideal part, and she believes it to be among her greatest work.

Personal History and Legacy

Sarah Shahi married actor Steve Howey in Las Vegas, Nevada on February 7, 2009. They’d been dating for six years and had been officially engaged for around twenty months. William Wolf Howey, the couple’s first child, was born in 2009. Violet and Knox Blue, her twin daughters, were born in March 2015.

Estimated Net Worth

Sarah Shahi is a $3 million dollar actress and former professional NFL cheerleader from the United States. Sarah Shahi was born in Euless, Texas, and is also known as Aahoo Jahansouz Shahi. She started participating in pageants when she was eight years old and went on to study English and Theater at Southern Methodist University.