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One of the most well-known YouTubers and vloggers is Sarai Jones, whose channel is the go-to source for inspiration in terms of life and style. Since she was in her preteens, Sarai’s followers have practically watched her develop in front of their TVs. This “YouTube” prodigy is gradually dominating the social media sphere, one step at a time, starting out with no specific goals in mind and now making huge waves as a fashion expert. You might spend hours watching tutorials and DIYs on her channel Krazyrayray, which also has challenges and dares. By accumulating more than a million followers on “Instagram,” Sarai has set out to demonstrate how far her popularity may spread.

The Epic Ascent To Stardom

Before learning about one of the largest social media game-changers, “YouTube,” Sarai was a typical adolescent. But Sarai had no idea that her life would take the most amazing turn toward fame. With the assistance of her aunt Josette, she started her first “YouTube” channel, which she named “Krazyrayray.” Even though the 12-year-old at the time had no idea what kind of content she intended to share with her viewers, she was confident that “YouTube” was where her true calling lay.

A flash of inspiration during the ignorant stage led to the creation of one of Sarai’s earliest videos, “Pizza Ranch and Cherry Coke.” However, Sarai quickly began perusing several channels that provided a variety of information, such as lifestyle, beauty, and fashion, which subsequently served as the foundation for the content development on her channel.

Sarai was overjoyed to finally decide what kind of content her channel will give after discovering YouTubers like Michele Phan, who is now her biggest idol. With her naturally cascading curls, this beauty queen quickly gained popularity for her styling and makeup instructional uploads.

Krazyrayray was able to capture her audience’s interest with films like “How to make your own lip balm,” which amassed over a million views as if that weren’t already remarkable enough! Krazyrayray quickly discovered the secret to popularity after falling in love with her newly discovered passion and being liked by her admirers for her wonderful talents.

And what catapulted her to worldwide popularity was her all-time most popular video, “Straight hair with no heat,” which received an astounding 9 million views. Krazyrayray has come a long way with over 2 million subscribers and 213 million views as of now. When it comes to producing excellent video material, the now-19-year-old is no novice, and her vlogs are above and beyond amazing.

More than 2 million people have now watched her videos, and her channel now features jaw-dropping tutorials about everything glam as well as popular challenges. Even more, Sarai has made a second channel called “HeyItsSarai” where she only uploads vlog-related videos and includes making-of for her most well-known videos.

In addition to her evident fame on YouTube, Miss Jones is well-known on other platforms including Instagram and Vine. With over a million followers and more than 1600 posts covering everything from the mundane to the glitzy, Sarai Jones has entered an unstoppable cycle of popularity.

Why Sarai Jones Is So Unique?

Even though the entire world is enamored with Sarai’s amazing channel, her path to success wasn’t easy. Sarai’s early days were filled with discouragement from her school friends and acquaintances, including being called names for her “YouTube” videos. However, this courageous kid continues by saying that she never allowed their criticism break her spirit and would constantly return and submit another video to show her detractors that she wouldn’t give up.

Sarai’s Past Fame

In addition to social media falling head over heels over Sarai’s unbelievable popularity tale, the Wall Street Journal was also absolutely crazy about her channel! They quickly published a column highlighting Krazyrayray and all the amazing accomplishments she has made since turning 12 years old. Not only that but she was asked to appear on news programs and chat shows, which propelled her to even greater renown!

Behind The Scenes

Paul and Nicole Jones welcomed Sarai Jones into the world on December 9, 1997, in Seattle, Washington, in the United States. Some of her videos have had appearances by her mother. Neiko Jones, Sarai’s younger brother, is named. Sarai Jones is all about motivation, and her inspiring narrative will give you all the assurance you need that amazing thing do happen.

Estimated Net Worth

As a result of her YouTube work, Sarai Jones, a stunning and accomplished makeup artist, has accumulated a substantial net worth. She has a $4 million net worth as of December 2022.