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American model, social media influencer, and businesswoman Savannah Montano. She first gained notoriety on websites like “Tumblr” and “Vine,” then amassed a sizable fan base on “Instagram.” Savannah frequently uploads photos to her ‘Instagram’ account. She has also started a website for fashion called “Disruptive Youth.” This online store sells a variety of clothes and accessories that are created to suit Savannah’s sense of style. She is well-known for her partnership with model Jessey Stevens, with whom she runs the “Sav and Jay” YouTube channel.

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Career of Savannah Montano

On the app “Tumblr,” Savannah started her career as a fashion blogger. In 2011, she experienced her first taste of fame. Prior to the platform’s removal, she simultaneously joined “Vine” and racked up more than 430 000 followers. A few years ago, Savannah’s “Instagram” account was compromised. She made a new account and erased the old one. She currently has more than a million followers on Instagram. Savannah’s Instagram account perfectly displays her love of photography. Her curves are displayed in luxury swimwear in her beach photos.

Savannah decided to start her own e-commerce company because of her outstanding sense of style. With the assistance of her father, Savannah started the e-commerce fashion website “Disruptive Youth” in January 2015. The website features a unique selection of apparel and accessories designed to suit Savannah’s preferences. Savannah is a co-founder and the creative director of “Disruptive Youth,” while her father is the business’s CEO. A little town on Florida’s southeast coast called Delray Beach is home to the company’s warehouse. It also houses the “Disruptive Youth” headquarters, where Savannah spends the majority of her time working with her creative team. She purchases wholesale-priced garments and accessories and then uses them to make brand-new fashion things. The completed goods are subsequently offered for sale on Savannah’s website at a standard price. Savannah is currently working on developing her own collection of high-end apparel and accessories.

Savannah and her lover Jessey Stevens run a joint “YouTube” channel. The “Sav and Jay” channel primarily features vlogs about their everyday romantic encounters. A video of them visiting a doctor to determine whether Savannah was pregnant was once uploaded by them. They have over 502 thousand subscribers on the platform because to their love-themed vlogs. Additionally, Savannah maintains a personal “YouTube” channel with little over 100,000 subscribers. She has over 956 thousand followers on Twitter.

Individual Life of Savannah Montano

The daughter of South Florida dentist Dr. Robert Montano and his wife Elena, Savannah was born on September 30, 1996. Sebastian is Savannah’s younger brother.

‘Instagram’ model and sensation Jessey Stevens is Savannah’s boyfriend. On her social media pages, she frequently shares photos of herself with Jessey.

Savannah’s main photographer, Jessey, works with her to make social media posts. In 2016, they briefly split up. Fans were disappointed by their separation. But they quickly made up. Savannah and Jessey confirmed their reconciliation in April 2017. On July 28, 2017, they marked their three-year anniversary, and to mark the event, they posted a sweet photo to social media.

Savannah is endowed with a healthy, curvy body. She switched to a pescatarian diet in 2015 and stopped eating dairy and eggs. But in 2016, she adopted a vegan diet. She eats a lot of salads, seafood, and vegetables right now. Her diet is gluten-free. Savannah maintains a rigorous exercise schedule. She exercises with crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, and planks to maintain a flat stomach. She occasionally performs cardio activities as well as weightlifting with light weights and high repetitions.

Net worth of Savannah Montano

The estimated net worth of Savannah Montano is about $1 million.