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The clothing companies Rogan, Egan, and Loomstate were co-founded by American fashion designer Scott Mackinlay Hahn. He is also well-known for being Winona Ryder’s longtime boyfriend in the entertainment industry. He has created clothing for a number of Hollywood stars that reflects their individual style statements. His environmentally friendly clothing company, Loomstate, gained notoriety for having a little adverse effect on the environment and water resources. Loomstate clothing was introduced in 2004 and is composed of organic cotton to balance sustainability and fashion. According to Scott, the entire clothing supply chain can be made sustainable, ensuring that the entire process of making clothes is environmentally beneficial. As a result of its innovative sourcing, designing, and branding, Loomstate has transformed the garment industry. Due to its original idea, the company quickly gained not just popularity but also success.

Career of Scott Mackinlay Hahn

In Hollywood, Scott Mackinlay Hahn began his career as a fashion designer. His fashion sense and designs were admired by many celebrities. He co-founded the well-known clothing line Rogan in 2001 with fashion designer Rogan Gregory. Scott has been creating outfits for the company’s line of clothing since its inception. Rogan primarily focused on denim, and he invented the “aged and washed out” aesthetic, which quickly gained enormous global appeal. The technique, however, used a lot of water and was therefore not long-term sustainable. Therefore, the two designers made the decision to launch an environmentally friendly brand.

The eco-friendly clothing company Loomstate, which uses organic cotton to create its garments, was formed by Scott and Rogan in 2004. It obtains its 100 percent certified organic cotton from countries around the world, including Turkey, Peru, India, Africa, and the USA. Since its founding, Loomstate has won numerous important contracts, including one to create the uniforms for the Chipotle Mexican Grill fast food franchise. Tencel, a yarn manufactured from wood and tree pulp, is used to make the outfits.
Along with Bono of the U2 band and his wife Ali Hewson, Scott is also the owner of the fashion label Egan.

In addition to designing, he serves on the Council for Textile Recycling’s board of directors and leads the CFDA’s Sustainability Steering Committee.

Individual Life of Scott Mackinlay Hahn

In New York, Scott Mackinlay Hahn was born in October 1980. He attended the New York School of Design after discovering his early affinity for clothes design. No information has been made available to the media concerning his parents or family history.

Since 2011, Scott has been dating Winona Ryder, an actress. The pair is still together, but they don’t appear eager to be hitched.

He has a strong concern for the environment and spends his free time hiking through woodlands. He also likes to body surf.

Estimated net worth

As of 2023, Scott Hahn’s net worth is predicted to be over $10 million. He receives a salary of more than $1 million each year in the meantime.