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Scotty Cranmer is an American bicycle motocross (BMX) racer who shares the record for most BMX Park medals won at the X Games with Dave Mirra. In just fourteen outings, Scotty has amassed an incredible nine medals in gold, silver, and bronze. He also has a YouTube account where he publishes films of himself and his pals executing stunts on bikes and cars. Over the course of two years, the channel has amassed over a million subscribers and over 200 million views. He is the first rider to complete a “front flip tailwhip” in competition and a “seat stand front flip” on YouTube. He has competed in a lot of tournaments and has received sponsorship from companies such as Hyper Bikes, Vans Shoes, and Pro-tec Helmets. He owns a bike business that sells high-end safety equipment. Additionally, he has portrayed himself in films such as ‘Hella Crazy’ and ‘Next X,’ which have inspired young people to take up riding. He suffered a catastrophic accident while filming a Monster Energy Drinks commercial. During the 2016 X Games, he sustained another significant setback when he damaged his back.

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Scotty’s Achieve Stardom

Scotty Cranmer earned his first gold medal in the 2016 X Games. He went on to win eight more medals in a startlingly short amount of time.

Scotty communicates with his fans through his YouTube channel, which depicts him riding in skate parks, driving sports vehicles, and completing bike stunts with his friends. The channel, which was launched in September 2015, gained a large number of subscribers, enhancing Scotty’s notoriety.

He has established an original style that mixes technique and talent. This approach allows him to accomplish some of the most challenging routines and distinguishes him from other competitors.

Scotty Cranmer’s Career

After completing high school in 2005, Scotty became a professional biker. He is recognized for being the first competitor to perform a “front flip – tailwhip”

Among the tournaments in which he has participated are the ‘AST Dew Tour,’ ‘Vans Let it Ride Street Contest,’ and ‘The Cool Challenge.’ He has won numerous similar tournaments and placed second on other occasions.

Sponsors for him include Hyper Bikes, Vans Shoes, Fox Clothing, Monster Energy Drink, Pro-tec Helmets, and Snafu. By using their products in numerous competitions, he has promoted them. He has also appeared in numerous of their advertisements.

In Howell, New Jersey, SC Action Sports Bicycle Shop is owned by Scotty Cranmer. The store is one of the top retailers of sports equipment in New Jersey and has contributed significantly to the sport’s growth.
In films such as ‘Hella Crazy’ (2008), ‘Next X’ (2009), and ‘Illustrated’ (2016), he portrayed himself and did risky bike feats.

Family and Private Life

Scotty Cranmer was born in Jackson Township, New Jersey on January 11, 1987, to Donna and Scot. Matty, his younger brother, is a frequent visitor on his YouTube video channel. In Lakewood, his parents own an inline skate club.

He attended Jackson Memorial High School before turning 18 and became a professional BMX rider. As a child, he was inspired by Mat Hoffman, who at the age of 15 became a professional BMX rider.
Scotty’s peers have dubbed him “The Bulldozer” due to his daring actions and never-say-die mentality.

In October of 2016, he was involved in a catastrophic accident while filming a commercial. During a stunt, the front wheel of his bicycle became lodged in a hole, sending him flying through the air. He required hospitalization due to many face fractures, vertebral injury, and intracerebral bleeding.

He suffered yet another setback when he suffered a severe back injury while competing in one of the X Games. Throughout his operation and subsequent rehabilitation, his admirers tracked his condition attentively on social media and supported him through numerous campaigns and donation drives by teaming forces with organizations such as the ‘Road 2 Recovery Foundation. With the aid of a crutch, he made rapid progress and quickly regained his feet.

His entire rehabilitation process has been documented and uploaded to YouTube. The video has attracted a large audience. The surgery required the insertion of a prosthetic forehead, about which he joked to his admirers that he felt like Frankenstein.

Scotty is married to Lisa, who has been his greatest source of strength during his ups and downs. They reside together with their family, which includes Scotty’s parents. They also have a dog as a pet.

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