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Scotty Sire is an American YouTuber and Viner who rose to fame for his self-produced, 6-second videos. He has also worked on these videos with other Vine celebrities who have bases in California. These Vine celebrities include Gary Rojas, his former roommate Darius Benson, and Gabrielle Hanah. In some of the videos, he also got his mother to appear. The movies “Summer Forever” (20015), “The Pizza Guy” (2016), and “FML” feature him as an actor. His comedic videos focus on everyday issues like dating and other very common ones, such as the basics of daily life. He is renowned for his straightforward approach to various commonplace occurrences. He had more than 1.5 million followers by December 2014. This number increased to more than 2 million subscribers on his channel by May 2015. His following stood at 3.4 million as of October 2016.

The Epic Ascent to Stardom

Scotty Sire began his career as a laborer for his father’s construction business. He soon quit this profession to work as a bartender. He met a lot of individuals working as a bartender. He was already familiar with the internet because he was an obsessive lover of anime movies. He desired for others to be aware of his thoughts on daily events and everyday occurrences. He created a Vine channel account and began producing humorous 6-second films about his thoughts on his daily encounters. These videos were instant popularity with the public, and he soon managed to amass a sizable following as result. Additionally, he started sharing photos on Instagram, which helped him gain a lot of followers.

Why Scotty Is So Special?

One of the funniest people to ever be seen on social media is Scotty Sire! The primary reason for his enormous popularity is that he makes an honest and direct effort to assess many events that occur in daily life. His approach to issues is quite lighthearted, and his sense of humor has made it easier for him to connect with many of his admirers and followers. For instance, every teenager dates at some point in their lives. In his own lighthearted and amusing approach, Scotty has examined the issues surrounding dating, and many of his fans agree with and support his analysis of these issues.

Past Fame of Scotty Sire

Scotty Sire has done a good job of keeping his old life hidden, thus very little is known about his upbringing and early years. The only details regarding his life before becoming famous are that he worked as a construction worker and later as a bartender. Nobody is aware of his early educational background or his college or high school graduation status. Throughout the time he lived in Los Angeles with his friend Gary Rojas, there were persistent rumors about his being gay or bisexual. When Scotty, at last, revealed the identity of his fiancée, the speculations that had never been proven were put to rest. Even though he had previously filmed a number of videos with his girlfriend Kristen McAtee, word of their relationship only spread much later. He has never been married and doesn’t appear to have any immediate plans to do so. He intends to keep making videos to amuse his subscribers.

Behind The Scenes

Newport, California, is where Scotty Sire was born. Crossen, his mother, is from Lebanon. His father is employed by a construction firm. Davey, his younger brother, is his name. When he was younger, he was an incredibly shy and self-conscious child. When he was still relatively young, he began working for his father’s construction company. He quit and started working as a bartender. He is still working half-time as a bartender at the moment. He is a die-hard anime enthusiast who often watches his favorite episodes online. While continuing to hold down a part-time bartending job, he uploads his videos to Vine. He had dated Alexandria, also known as Allicattt on Vine since they first met in 2014. He once moved in with Gary Rojas in Los Angeles, but after residing there for six months, he returned to Newport because he did not enjoy the atmosphere there. He continued to make videos and post them to his channel even after returning to his hometown. With every day that has passed, his popularity has only increased.

Scotty Sire’s Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is Scotty. Our study of Scotty Sire’s net worth from sources including Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicates that it is around $1.5 million.


When he was 18 years old, he received his first tattoo.