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Award-winning American actor and filmmaker Sean Brosnan is also well-known for being Pierce Brosnan’s child. Sean’s success as an actor and director in movies is largely the result of his highly regarded work in those fields. In TV dramas like “Duplicate Drama,” “When Evil Calls,” and “No Easy Days,” he has played some of the most well-known parts. As Cpl. Daniel Redman in the television series “Generation Kill,” he may have achieved his greatest fame to date. Additionally, he appeared in the films “U.F.O.” and “Don Peyote.” The multi-talented actor also enjoys working as a director and has a great career in that field. His critically acclaimed works, like “The Kid” and “My Father Die,” have already made him a force to be reckoned with on screen and behind the camera. He is active in charities, especially those that support ovarian cancer, in addition to his continued success in Hollywood.

Work & Fame of Sean Brosnan

When Sean Brosnan was 13 years old and enrolled in an English boarding school, he tried to act more like his friends to fit in. He benefited from having Pierce Brosnan and Cassandra Harris’ acting genes as parents. After graduating with honors from “The Central School of Speech and Drama,” where he studied acting, he was hired by the “British Shakespeare Company.” In “Romeo and Juliet,” which was a smash hit in the UK, he played Romeo for the first time on stage.

In the 1997 film “Robinson Crusoe,” which also starred his father, Sean made his acting debut. He took on the persona of the cabin boy. Sean had a successful year in 2005 after being chosen to play Chris, a music producer on the MTV series “Duplicate Drama” (2005–2007). Sean took part in both the production and performance of the short film “Old Dog” the following year, in 2006. In addition to the film winning the “Edinburgh Short Film Festival,” he also garnered praise for his performance. The same year, he also appeared in the television miniseries “When Evil Calls.”

With parts in films like “Surveillance 24/7” and “A West Texas Children’s Story” in 2007, Sean maintained his upward trend. His portrayal of Cpl. Daniel Redman in the lauded HBO miniseries “Generation Kill” (2008) is possibly his most well-known performance. He appeared in films like “Alien Uprising” (2012) and “Snake and Mongoose” (2013) during the following several years.

In 2012, Sean’s growing interest in directing led him to enroll in UCLA to study it, and he and his partner Sanja founded their own production company, Knightmercher Films. He co-wrote, co-directed, and starred in the 2013 film “The Kid.” He won the ‘Best Short Film’ prize for the film at the 2013 ‘Louisville’s International Festival of Film’. In addition, it helped him win the 2014 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival’s “Breakthrough Director Spotlight Award.”

The next year, he performed in films including “Tides” (2014) and “My Fare Lady” (2015). Later, Sean Brosnan co-starred and directed the film “My Father Die.” He earned the “Best Director” and “Best Editing” prizes for the film at the 2016 “Screamfest” awards. He was chosen to play Christopher Lowe, the series’ protagonist, in 2018.

Personal Loss and Tragedy

Sean Brosnan was hurt horribly in a car accident in April 2000 when the vehicle he was riding in went off the Dume Canyon Motorway and fell 150 feet down the canyon. He had a ruptured bladder and pelvic fractures.
Sean Brosnan had to deal with the trauma of Cassandra Harris’ death in 1991 due to ovarian cancer. Years later, when his beloved sister Charlotte was identified with the same illness and went away in June 2013, he experienced the same horror. He shared photos of Charlotte on July 3, 2013, recalling her fortitude and battle during her cancer treatment. Later, he became active in organizations that promote ovarian cancer awareness.

Individual Life of Sean Brosnan

Sean Brosnan was born on September 13, 1983, in Los Angeles, California, in the United States. His mother was an Australian actress named Cassandra Harris, and his father is the actor Pierce Brosnan. On December 28, 1991, his mother passed away from ovarian cancer. From his mother’s first marriage to producer Dermot Harris, he has a brother named Christopher and an older sister named Charlotte. Dylan and Paris are his younger brothers, born during Pierce Brosnan’s second marriage to Keely Shaye Smith.

On August 23, 2014, Sean Brosnan wed his longtime partner, producer Sanja Banic. Marley Mae Cassandra Brosnan was born to the couple on June 29, 2015.

Net worth of Sean Brosnan

The estimated net worth of Sean Brosnan is about $1 million.