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American editor, director of photography, and producer Sean Fujiyoshi is of Japanese descent. He joined forces with comedian and well-known “YouTuber” Ryan Higa at the “Ryan Higa Production Company” (RHPC). The first “RHPC” endeavor was the “YouTube” channel nigahiga, which currently has over 21 million subscribers. Since the outset, Sean has worked as the channel’s editor, cinematographer, and producer. He briefly left the channel to pursue engineering. Following their 2013 reunion, Sean and Ryan have continued to frequent the channel. Sean made a comeback to “nigahiga” in a song video starring prominent “YouTube” personality, musician, and actor Chester See. ‘Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure’ is a feature film in which Sean and Ryan also had major roles.

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Career of Sean Fujiyoshi

Ryan and Sean are pals from high school. They got started by making comedic home videos just for their loved ones. Their buddies eventually started to become interested as well. In July 2006, they debuted their “YouTube” channel, “nigahiga.” The channel’s first focus was on lip-sync videos. But Sean and Ryan soon started releasing a range of stuff on the channel. The channel is now well-known for its parodies of music videos, rants, and sketches. Their ‘How to be’ short film series was a great hit. Over 21 million people are currently subscribers to the service.

‘Ryan and Sean’s Not So Excellent Adventure,’ a full-length independent film starring Sean and Ryan, was released in the wake of their YouTube channel’s enormous success. The movie is heavily influenced by the two actors’ individual experiences in developing their “YouTube” careers. The movie also showed their attempts to break into Hollywood and their fabricated representations. The father of a 10-year-old Sean and Ryan fan was the one who came up with the concept for the film. The young fan showed his father a video from one of their “YouTube” clips, which he really like. The child’s father, Derek Zemrak, was a film producer, and the project was soon in production. Later, a series of behind-the-scenes videos was posted on “YouTube” and received over a million views.

Sean and Ryan eventually drifted apart as they each decided to pursue college. While Sean traveled to California with his girlfriend to pursue an engineering profession, Ryan enrolled at a college in Las Vegas. Ryan, though, was in charge of running the Las Vegas-based channel by himself during that time. The cast of ‘RHPC’ surprised Sean with a party and a video in which they wished him well.

Sean and Ryan met up again in 2012. Sean appeared as a guest in the “Bromance” music video by “nigahiga.” Chester See, a well-known “YouTube” personality, musician, and actor, was also featured in the video. Additionally, Sean and Ryan produced the independent short “Ninja Melk,” which they wrote and directed. Sean worked on his engineering projects concurrently. He worked on building and testing a mechanical speed bump that turned vertical velocity into rotating motion in order to power an electric generator from August 2012 to May 2013. Sean and his team won the 2013 prize for “Most Outstanding Senior Design Project” thanks to the project.

Sean took on the roles of editor, cinematographer, and producer for “nigahiga” in June 2013. He performed side jobs for Ryan’s main and subsidiary “YouTube” channels. Sean handled all part of filming, including pre- and post-production. Sean also frequently appeared in ‘nigahiga’s videos around this time.

Individual Life of Sean Fujiyoshi

Sean was born in Los Angeles, California, on August 3, 1991. He has two nephews and a sister.
Sean went to ‘Waiakea High School.’ Later, in 2013, he graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from the ‘University of Portland.’ He speaks Spanish well.

Sean participated actively in intramural sports and was a member of the “Hawaii Club” while a student.
Sean is thought to be dating a woman whose identity is still a mystery. She is a licensed nurse who also has funding for her nursing education. Sean’s ‘Instagram’ profile, which has 489 thousand followers, frequently features photos of him and his girlfriend.

Net Worth of Sean Fujiyoshi

The estimated net worth of Sean Fujiyoshi is around $1 million.