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Sebastian Bails, better known online by the TikTok user name Itzsoseb, is a well-known American social media personality. He rose to stardom via the TikTok app. In a short period of time after joining TikTok in May 2016, he amassed over 1.6 million fans. Additionally, he is quite active on YouTube and Instagram. His portrayal of the mother, who appears in several of his films, is by far his most well-known avatar. His popularity was boosted by his charm and wit. With only a few fans at the beginning of his social media career, he quickly gained popularity on YouTube and Instagram after his tryst with TiKTok. Along with these well-known musers, he has also worked with Nick Pallauf, Danielle Cohn, Nicolette Gray, and Jazmine Lucero. He was also spotted at the TanaCon convention and the Coachella music festival. He currently resides in Los Angeles and aspires to become a successful actor.

Increased Fame of Sebastian Bails

Sebastian Bails had a strong desire to become well-known on social media. He had always wanted his name to be well-known all across the world. He signed up for practically all social media platforms at a young age due to his interest in them. The first website he joined was Twitter. Only a small number of people followed him on Twitter and YouTube. But he became well-known through the social network video software TikTok. He quickly racked up over 400,000 followers who eagerly anticipated his comedic videos in which he would dress as various avatars. At the moment, he has 1.6 million fans.

He participated in TikTok’s #IAmAWitness campaign. The campaign’s goal was to increase public awareness of bullying in order to deter it in schools and colleges. Sebastian Bails expressed his support verbally. His close friend Lauren Godwin, whom he considers his muse for his TikTok videos, is frequently the source of his motivation. Bails and Lauren started out together and shared comparable stuff, but Lauren now has more followers. Bails, though, has praised Godwin and is pleased with her efforts.

He started making videos on Instagram after finding initial success on TikTok. He has 104k followers right now on Instagram, where he is extremely well-liked. He also produces films for YouTube, which he acknowledged to be time-consuming because it typically took him 18 hours to complete a video. In spite of this, he has a sizable fan base, with 50,000 subscribers and 2 million channel views. His most well-liked videos are “Switching Lives with Nicolette Gray” and “Recreating Our First Cringly Musical.lys with Danielle Cohn.”

On TikTok, Sebastian Bails has worked with several well-known celebrities. He regularly appears with Nick Pallauf, Danielle Cohn, Lauren Godwin, and Jazmine Lucero. It was crucial for him to relocate to Los Angeles because of his popularity. He was soon employed as a model for numerous photoshoots, started marketing things on Instagram, and had the chance to socialize with other social media content producers.

He also went to the California Coachella Music and Arts Festival. More recently, he was spotted in June 2018 at the TanaCon convention. The first of its sort convention is called YouTube and competes with VidCon. One of the first few YouTubers to be invited to the event was Bails. His long-term objectives include becoming popular on Instagram by reaching the 1 million follower threshold. His long-term objective is to work in the entertainment sector as an actor.

Individual Life of Sebastian Bails

California welcomed Sebastian Bails into the world on August 27, 1999. There have been no confirmations of the relationship he allegedly has with Danielle Cohn, another TikTok celebrity. He recently tweeted that he considered Danielle to be his best friend and that they were living together in Los Angeles. He frequently discusses LGBT issues and participates in Pride parades and other activities. In addition, he expressed his dissatisfaction with Donald Trump’s victory in the US presidential election.

Net Worth of Sebastian Bails

The estimated net worth of Sebastian Bails is around $1 million.


At first, he detested the concept of TikTok because he believed it was just another social media app attempting to copy Vine. After making the decision to try it, he discovered how awesome it was. He enjoys listening to popular music, and Selena Gomez is one of his favorite artists.