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Sebastian Moy is an American social media influencer and star of (now called TikTok). He comes from a family of online celebrities and has become well-known on sites like Instagram and TikTok. Sebastian, a Floridian, developed a passion for performing as a child. He created a TikTok account in 2016 and started posting a variety of comedy and lip-sync videos there. He quickly attracted a sizable and devoted audience. On the platform, he has a following of more than 800,000. He then created accounts on other social media sites as well. He has more than 429 thousand Instagram followers and over 9,000 Twitter followers. Additionally, he manages a passably popular YouTube channel with 48,000 subscribers and 890,000 views.

Increased Fame of Sebastian Moy

As a youngster, Sebastian Moy has always been a bundle of enthusiasm and energy. TikTok, a social network tool for video production, messaging, and live streaming, provided him with the ideal creative outlet. It gave him the freedom to be imaginative and fully utilize his skills. By the middle to end of 2016, he had begun to gain significant notoriety. Each of his videos started to draw a sizable audience, who were immediately won over by his performance and became his devoted followers.

With time, his fan base rose rapidly, and he was recognized as a crowned TikTok user. He presently has 76.3 million hearts and over 800 000 fans on the app. He seamlessly combines comedy and physical performance in his videos thanks to a natural sense of humor and aesthetic sensibility. Every member of his family has made an appearance on one of his TikTok videos at some point.

On March 21, 2016, Sebastian launched his YouTube channel. He began to receive a sizable number of views on his YouTube videos as a result of his success on TikTok. As a YouTuber, he publishes vlogs, challenges, and Q&A videos among other things. Reading Hate Comments *emotional* and RiceGum Is My Cousin??? are two of his most well-liked uploads on this platform. and “After this, My Mom Kicked Me Out.”

Individual Life of Sebastian Moy

Sebastian was born to a Colombian mother and a Chinese father on April 11, 2003, in Florida. His four brothers, Mateo, Oliver, Alex, and Nick, as well as their parents, frequently appear in Moy’s films. Two years older than Sebastian, Oliver is a TikTok star and social media influencer in his own right. He has more than 570 thousand fans on TikTok and about 200 thousand Instagram followers. Mateo, his younger brother, also has a respectable 17.4k Instagram followers. Sebastian refers to his following as MoyArmy.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Sebastian Moy is about $1 million.