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Originally from Argentina, pop singer Sebastian Olzanski now resides in Canada. He became well-known through his “YouTube” videos. The ‘YouTube’ channel ‘ThatSpanishBoy’ (now ‘Sebastian Olzanski’), where he broadcasts his cover versions of hit songs, is where he first gained notoriety. Sebastian’s first single was made available in 2015. Within a few hours of its debut, it claimed the top spot on the “iTunes” charts. In 2018, he published his first EP. Sebastian engages with his followers on social media frequently. He has a website where his distinctive merchandise can be purchased.

Ascend to Stardom

Sebastian developed a love of music as a child. He started vocal training at the age of 7. He soon started to fantasize about becoming a famous musician. When he was fourteen, Sebastian emigrated to Canada.

Sebastian made the decision to begin his social media career in Canada. He began a “YouTube” channel with the name “ThatSpanishBoy.” Sebastian Olzanski is the new name of the channel. The channel, which debuted on July 5, 2013, primarily features cover songs by Sebastian. Love Yourself by Justin Bieber is one of his most well-known cover songs. Over 154 000 people have viewed the cover. Q&A and tag videos are also featured on the channel. In a handful of his “YouTube” films, Sebastian features his father and grandmother as characters. Currently, the channel has more than 108 thousand subscribers.

Sebastian achieved success in the music industry in 2015. On November 2, 2015, his debut song, “Looking For Love,” was released, and he immediately shot to fame. Within less than two hours of its release, the song was at the top of the iTunes rankings. ‘Finding Me,’ Sebastian’s debut EP, was released on March 15, 2018.

When Sebastian turned 18, he began streaming live on “YouNow.” He was able to grow his fan base as a result of this. He uses social media extensively and frequently communicates with his followers on these sites. In order to engage with fans who post selfies on Twitter, he uses the hashtag “SelfieForSeb.” On his website, Sebastian posts information about his tours as well as all of his cover songs. Additionally, he advertises his merchandise line on the website. Sebastian has more than 220,000 Instagram followers thanks to his posts on the social media platform. He was once a candidate for the “Shorty Awards” “Vine Musician” honor. The same category also received a nomination for pop superstar Shawn Mendes. Sebastian is a member of the “Something Iconic Music Group” and the “Kobalt Music Group.”

Individual Life of Sebastian Olzanski

On July 2, 1999, in a modest Buenos Aires suburb, Sebastian Javier Olzanski was born in Argentina. Later on, he and his mother migrated to Canada. Currently, Sebastian resides in Kitchener, an American city located in southeast Ontario. Both his stepsister and stepbrother exist.

Justin Bieber has a devoted follower in Sebastian. He like pasta and porridge. Blue is one of his favorite hues. Sebastian likes to watch the “JacksGap” YouTube channel.

Estimated Net Worth of Sebastian Olzanski

The estimated net worth of Sebastian Olzanski is around $1 million.