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American social media star Courtney Schmidt, also known online as “SelfieC,” hails from the country. She is best known for being a “Viner” and “YouTuber.” SelfieC’s humorous “Vines” have helped her to amass a sizable fan base. She publishes largely comedic material on her self-titled YouTube channel. She was formerly a member of a channel for collaboration. The channel, however, is currently empty of all content. SelfieC has become a well-known fashion symbol. She has thousands of Instagram followers because of her flawless sense of style and makeup abilities. SelfieC has achieved extraordinary fame in a short amount of time. She also goes to the most well-known social media events.

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Fame on social media

SelfieC’s tendency to act in front of the camera has always been present. She also had a sense of humor. Her desire to become a social media personality was influenced by a variety of her interests. She quickly took on the alias “SelfieC.” The word “selfie” from a hoodie she frequently wore and the initial letter of her first name were combined to create the name.

SelfieC started out on ‘Vine,’ a social media platform where she shared comedic shorts. On May 23, 2013, she posted her very first “Vine.” ‘#bestimpression of a girl who can’t take a selfie,’ one of SelfieC’s “Vines,” featured popular “Viners” Alexia Raye and Lycia Faith. Before ‘Vine’ was discontinued, she had millions of fans thanks to her hilarious videos.

After that, SelfieC went to YouTube, where she entered the group channel “Glamssgirls” or “MODO by Nattalie Janette.” The channel’s primary focus was on fashion and beauty. SelfieC discovered her affinity for fashion thanks to the channel. The channel still has over 97 thousand members even though it is empty at the moment.

SelfieC also has a YouTube channel with the same name, where she posts her comedic skits as well as articles on beauty and fashion. She worked with pop musician Devin Hayes on the video ‘#Ask DelfieC.’ She also worked on the video “When guys try to act natural in Front of girls” with “Viners” Malak Watson and Tayvion Power. In a video where she impersonated well-known social media stars like JC Caylen, Lycia Faith, Jenna Marbles, Brodie Smith, and Miranda Sings, SelfieC showcased her incredible acting abilities. There are currently about 25,000 subscribers to the channel. She is also quite well-liked on Twitter and Instagram, where she has over 392 thousand and 115 thousand followers, respectively, thanks to her posts there.

SelfieC adores cosmetics. She enjoys dressing up as well. Alyce Paris, a renowned fashion designer, created an outfit that she once posed in. The garment was a custom selection from her 2014 homecoming season line. SelfieC frequently appears on illustrious red-carpet occasions. She received an invitation to the San Diego-based “Bravefest” in 2014. SelfieC was designated the “UsTrendy Trend Setter of the Week” for the first week of April 2015 by the online clothing retailer “”

Individual Life of SelfieC

On October 31, 1997, Courtney Schmidt gave birth to SelfieC in California. She had an older brother and sister when she was growing up.

2018 saw SelfieC’s high school graduation. She competed for her school’s swimming team. SelfieC began swimming lessons at the age of three and competitive swimming at the age of seven. She is currently getting ready for her graduate studies and eventually wants to get a job.

In her spare time, SelfieC enjoys hanging out with her pal Sabrina. She enjoys drawing as well. SelfieC loves wearing crop tops a lot. She is of the opinion that crop tops go well with practically every ensemble, whether it be formal, semi-formal, or casual. SelfieC also lists high-waisted shorts as one of her favorite outfits. She also enjoys donning sunglass frames with a circle lens. SelfieC has been a consistent user of “UsTrendy.” She adores their assortment of vibrant rompers. She looks up to Kendall and Kylie Jenner for style. Blue is her favorite color. SelfieC enjoys sweet potatoes that have been roasted. Her favorite ‘Disney’ characters are ‘Jasmine’ and ‘Ariel.

SelfieC Net Worth

One of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars is SelfieC. Our study of SelfieC’s net worth from Forbes, Wikipedia, and Business Insider revealed a $5 million figure.