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Selina Mour is a social media influencer and well-known German vocalist. By lip-syncing on ‘ (now known as TikTok),’ where she is regarded as a “muser” and has amassed more than a million followers, she ascended to prominence. Additionally, she is renowned on Instagram. All three of her original compositions were released in 2017. The accompanying music videos can be found on Selina’s YouTube channel. Selina has also been featured in a number of well-known brands’ endorsement campaigns. She has performed duets with a number of prominent social media personalities.

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An Occupation About Selna

Selina possessed a profound enthusiasm for singing during her school years. Upon the parents’ prompt discovery of their daughter’s interest, they immediately motivated her to commence vocal lessons. Selina launched her vocal career by rendering cover versions of well-known songs. She eventually started composing and writing tunes. Released in 2017, the original track “Hold Me” marked Selina’s debut. “Jackpot,” her subsequent single, was published one month later. Selina released her third original composition, ‘Fly Solo,’ in the same year. Her role in the 2017 comedy short ‘Misfit’ was brief.

By way of Selina, songs by Bruno Mars, Beyoncé, and Ed Sheeran have been covered. Additionally, she uploads lip-sync videos to her musical. ly’ (currently ‘TikTok’) account. In some of her videos, Selina also provides her own voice. Selina, whose following on ‘’ has surpassed one million, has been crowned a “muser.” 2015 marked the beginning of Selina’s social media career. After she began sharing her photographs on Instagram, she gained immense popularity. Presently, she has more than 467 thousand followers on Instagram. Selina’s YouTube channel features music videos that accompany her original compositions. Approximately 58% of viewers subscribe to the channel.

Selina has participated in advertising campaigns for McDonald’s, Manhattan Cosmetics, Coca-Cola, and Nakd Fashion, among others. A contract has been executed between her and the record label ‘VERY US RECORDS.’ Selina has performed on numerous duet albums alongside prominent social media personalities, including David Belmonte.

Individual Life About Selina

Selina was born in Germany on March 8, 2000. Her father is of German descent, whereas her mother is of Thai descent. The grandmother of Selina contributed as a background vocalist. Selina attends the hip-hop dance organization, with which she is affiliated, on two occasions per week. She is a Frankfurt resident. Mathematics is her preferred subject. Selina was romantically involved with the pop artist Keanu Rapp. In 2016, she first encountered Keanu at the ‘Kids’ Choice Awards.’ In 2018, they began dating. They frequently share photographs on social media. Selina hopes that one day she will collaborate with Beyoncé on a music video.

Estimated Net Worth

Selina is one of Germany’s wealthiest TikTok celebrities. Our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider indicate that Selina Mour has a net worth of $5 million.