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Seoul, South Korea

South Korean actor Seo Ha-joon Born and raised in Seoul, Seo began acting in school plays and musicals. He made his acting debut in the 2013 series ‘Princess Aurora’ as a supporting actor. The next year he made his cinematic debut in ‘Goodbye… and Hello’. Seo received the rare chance to portray the major lead character as a physician in his second TV series ‘Only Love’, which he nailed. He worked hard to gain acceptance in the profession and enhance his acting skills. In 2016, Seo won another award for his role in ‘The Flower in Prison’, cementing his status as one of the industry’s top young performers. In July 2017, he was embroiled in an obscenity scandal, which he later admitted to, but which threatened his job.

Early Childhood of Seo Ha-joon

Seo Ha-joon was born in Seoul on September 19, 1989. He’s always loved TV shows and movies and wanted to be an actor. His parents’ encouragement fueled his drive.

Starting in middle school, Seo developed into a good performer and pursued full-time theatre.
He gained great recognition for his role in the musical ‘Dead Poets Society’, based on the American film of the same name. He started auditioning and after several days of struggle, he won in 2013.

A Career of Seo Ha-joon

Seo has a minor role in the 2013 romance melodrama ‘Princess Aurora’. The series was initially criticized for several reasons, but it became a huge hit, and the entire cast, including Seo, benefited from the popularity.

‘Goodbye..and Hello’ was Seo’s 2014 first film. It was a low-budget picture with a restricted release. But Seo’s years of theatrical training had made him a proficient actor who could play any role with ease.

Seo obtained his first starring part in ‘Only Love’, his second series. The romantic drama, which featured a love triangle, was a huge hit and earned Seo his first award nomination. His role as a doctor was well received, and he won the New Star Award at the SBS Drama Awards that year.

A week in the wild with celebrities was featured in the 2014 reality show ‘Laws of the Jungle’. The next year he appeared on South Korea’s most popular variety show, “Running Man.”

In the 2016 romantic comedy drama ‘My Son in Law’s Woman’, Seo plays a boxer who also happens to be the main lead actress’s lover. The series was a hit and further established Seo as a versatile actor.

In 2016, he starred in the drama series ‘Flowers of the Prison’, for which he was nominated for ‘Best New Actor’ and ‘Excellence Award’ at the Korean Drama Awards and MBC Drama Awards.
In the 81st episode of King of Mask Singer, titled ‘Adults Don’t Know Peter Pan’, he appeared.

Personality of Seo Ha-joon

In 2016, Seo Ha-career joon’s was severely hurt by a nude cam incident.
In July 2017, he revealed that he had had enough of the humiliation and that the video was truly him.

Contrary to his expectations, he earned huge fan support due to his honesty, which was unique among celebrities. Seo also added that no matter how much he wanted to deny it, everyone knew it was him.

Seo has remained silent about his dating life, claiming he has little time to date or fall in love.

Estimated Net Worth

Seo Ha-joon is a popular and wealthy actor. Seo Ha-joon net worth is estimated at $5 Million by Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.