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Seo Ju-hyun, known professionally as Seohyun, is a South Korean actress, singer, presenter, and songwriter. She is a member of the South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation and also serves as the group’s subgroup TTS’s leader. Seohyun stated that she was inspired to become a singer by BoA, Fin.K.L, and S.E.S. ‘I thought it was cool to demonstrate and communicate emotions through songs,’ she has been quoted as saying. She made her debut as the youngest member of Girls’ Generation, which gained widespread popularity in 2009 with the release of the hit single ‘Gee.’ Additionally, she is well-known for her performances in ‘Gone with the Wind’ (2015) and ‘Mamma Mia!’ Along with her singing career, she has appeared in films such as ‘Despicable Me’ (where she played Edith), ‘My Brilliant Life’, ‘So I Married An Anti-fan’, and television drama series such as ‘Warm and Cozy’ and ‘Ruby Ruby Love’.

Childhood & Adolescence

Seohyn was born in Seoul, South Korea on 28th June 1991 and is the family’s only child. Seohyun was taught to play the piano at a young age by her mother Kim Young-al, who was the chairman of a piano school. In her youth, she learned to play the violin and traditional Korean drums, as well as horseback riding and skating. She is also a skilled guitarist and pianist.

Although her parents did not encourage her to pursue a career in show business, she attributes her success to her parents’ upbringing, which she attributes to assisting her in choosing her career path.

Seohyun attended Seoul Middle School and Daeyoung High School before enrolling at Jeonju Arts High School, where she graduated on February 9, 2010. In 2014, she graduated from Dongguk University alongside fellow Girls’ Generation member Yoona. She majored in acting and was also honored at her graduation ceremony with an achievement award.

Career in the Beginning

She was accepted as a trainee at S.M. Entertainment, one of South Korea’s largest entertainment companies, and she recalls her training days as joyful and heartwarming.

She appeared on Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation’s television variety show ‘We Got Married’ from 2010 to 2011. The show revolves around celebrities feigning marriage.

 Roles as a Musician and an Actress

In April 2012, a subgroup of Girls’ Generation called TaeTiSeo was formed with Seohyun, Tiffany, and Taeyeon. They then released three EPs, Twinkle (2012), Holler (2014), and Dear Santa (2015). (2015). Their debut EP was a smashing success, becoming South Korea’s eighth best-selling album of the year.

Apart from lending her voice to the band, she also began focusing on songwriting, co-writing songs such as ‘Baby Maybe’ and ‘XYZ’ for Girls’ Generation’s 2013 album ‘I Got a Boy’.

Additionally, she was credited as the sole lyricist for the song ‘Only U’ on the albums ‘Holler’ and ‘Dear Santa’.
Seohyun made her acting debut in 2013 with a small role in SBS’s television drama ‘Passionate Love,’ in which she portrayed Han Yoo-rim, a student and the lead male character’s first love who dies in a car accident. She received praise from critics and audiences for her portrayal of her role.

She appeared in SM Town’s biographical film, ‘I AM – SM Town Live World Tour in Madison Square Garden’ (2012), as well as ‘SM Town the Stage’ (2014). Seohyun also appeared in the film ‘Brilliant Life’ in a cameo role as herself (2014).

Then, in January 2014, she made her theatrical debut in the musical ‘Moon Embracing the Sun,’ in which she portrayed Yeon-woo, a daughter of a noble family who develops feelings for both the king and his brother. This musical received nine Musical Award nominations in 2013.

She received critical acclaim for her performance as Scarlett O’Hara in the Korean adaptation of ‘Autantenemporte le vent,’ a French musical based on the film ‘Gone with the Wind.

From 2015 to 2016, Seohyun appeared in supporting and cameo roles in television programs. Among the shows in which she appeared are ‘The Producers’ in which she starred as herself, ‘Warm and Cozy’ in which she starred as Hwang Yoo-ra, and ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ in which she starred as Woo-hee.

From February to June 2016, she was cast in the Korean version of the musical ‘Mamma Mia,’ in which she portrayed Sophie Sheridan, a twenty-year-old bride-to-be who wishes to discover her biological father on her wedding day.

Seohyun’s acting abilities were lauded, and critics stated that it was her performance that elevated the musical drama’s entertainment value.

In 2017, she starred in the television series ‘Ruby Ruby Love’ as Lee Ruby. The story follows a brilliant young woman who suffers from Sociophobia and discovers a magical ring that enables her to succeed as a jewelry designer.

She even released a solo album in January 2017 with her debut EP ‘Don’t Say No,’ which debuted at the top of the South Korean Gaon Album Chart.

She recently began hosting a television reality show titled ‘What’s It Like Living Alone’ for OnStyle and also began starring as Kang So-joo in a television drama titled ‘Bad Thief, Good Thief’.

Awards and Accomplishments

Seohyun was appointed Korea’s Goodwill Ambassador for Student Fitness by the Seoul Metropolitan Office in 2010. In 2012, she was appointed as the United Nations 2012 Yeosu Expo’s Goodwill Ambassador.

She was appointed a UNICEF envoy on 11 October 2011 in Changseong-Dong, Seoul for her contribution to the ‘Help Children in Africa’ project.

She received a Special Acting Award (fantasy) at the 2016 SBS Drama Awards for her performance in the historical drama ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ on SBS.

Additionally, the single ‘Don’t Say No’ from her extended play won her the first prize at M Countdown on 27th January 2017.

Seohyun has kept her personal life private. There is no evidence that she is currently or previously involved in a romantic relationship.

Estimated Net Worth

According to SeoulSpace, the youngest member of Girls’ Generation is estimated to have a net worth of around $4 million USD. Is she, however, the wealthiest member?

The answer is no, as evidenced by the group’s current richest member and “CF Queen,” YoonA, who is estimated to have a net worth of around $20 million USD.