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One of the members of the YouTube family who publishes videos on the channel “The Ohana Adventure” is Shae Bennett. Shae’s parents started this channel so they could upload vlogs, practical jokes, challenges, and storytime videos. The station frequently hosts appealing freebies, and its Halloween offer was well-liked by its viewers. Shae’s parents love to travel and are naturally adventurous. There are a ton of videos on the channel that highlight their travels. The music video for Shae’s song “Friends Parody” is one of her most well-liked works to date. The song “Sorry” by Justin Bieber is parodied in the video. Shae also has admirers because of his films of challenges and practical jokes. Additionally, he posted a series of Christmas films that have received more than a million views.

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YouTube’s Story

On December 22, 2015, Shae’s parents started their YouTube accounts. When his mother took her six kids to the dentist, Shae made his first appearance on the channel. Then, he made an amusing appearance in a video of Shae and his brother attempting to get rid of lice. The film also demonstrated how to remove lice for its viewers.

Shae visited his old school and went on a trip down memory lane in one of the films. He also produced a video as part of the same series in which he showed off all the attire and school supplies he had worn in the past. While touring the institution, he and his siblings also took in an eclipse.

The “MTV Movie & TV Awards” saw Shae make her way down the red carpet. He also went to the pre-party, where he ran across a lot of famous people, like Pierson Fode, Bendy Bonnie, Isaac C. Singleton Jr., and Ava Kolker from “Girl Meets World.”

After then, the channel began to publish DIY videos. Shae appeared in a lot of them, including well-known videos about how to make Hawaiian candy, dry ice at home, and other topics. In one of the family’s vlogs, Shae’s father leaves town on a Sunday morning while his mother fights to get the kids ready for church.

The family once visited a beach, and all of their actions there were recorded and then uploaded to their channel. Shae chopped his own hair in one of their later videos with the assistance of his father and brother.

Shae and his sister Rykel had the chance to interact with the fantasy book’s main character, Michael Vey. They also got to know Richard Paul Evans, the author. Two further volumes with his signature were given to them. When they reached 25,000 subscribers, they gave their followers some amazing presents.

Shae and his siblings were given the chance to appear in an advertisement. They had to have fun while destroying an arcade for the advertisement. The youngsters finally made their move and began smashing things after some initial hesitancy.

Then, in a video, Shae and his siblings could be seen accepting a sizable delivery from Zoky Trucker and Zorian. The delivery of the item made the kids incredibly happy. Pictures of Europe and treats from several European countries were included in the bundle. They took pleasure in viewing the images. Additionally, participants had the opportunity to sample various snacks, sweets, savory foods, and chocolates.

After that, Shae recorded a video in which he could be seen getting ready for a Halloween party. The song “Pre-Teen Crush” included him in a music video as well. This music video was a parody of Justin Bieber’s original song, “Sorry.” Shae played the starring role in the music video and performed the spoof version. Additionally, he published the “Pre-Teen Crush” making.

He then accepted a makeup challenge in which his sisters painted his face with makeup. The Bennett family made the announcement that they will host a meet and greet for their followers in the question and answer video. The channel has more than a million subscribers as a result of all these videos.

Individual Life of Shae Bennett

In Hawaii, Shae Bennett was born on December 9th, 2006. His parents, Rachel and Jase Bennett, raised him. He has two younger sisters, Evelin and Cora, as well as two elder sisters, Klai and Rykel. Wyatt is the brother of Shae. The Bennett family is primarily from Hawaii, however, they frequently travel to new cities and nations. Shae is a bashful boy who is also naughty. He enjoys playing soccer and snowboarding.

Shae Bennett’s Net Worth

Shae is one of the wealthiest and most well-known YouTube stars. Shae Bennett’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million based on our research of Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.