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Shahar Tzuberi is an Israeli sailor most recognized for his outstanding performance at the Beijing Olympic Games in 2008. Because of his victory at these games, he became a national hero in Israel and was seen as the country’s best hope for an Olympic medal. Tzuberi was born and reared in a Red Sea resort town, and he couldn’t help but be enamored with the sea. His uncle, Gad Tsobari, was a wrestler in the 1972 Olympics, thus he wasn’t the only one in the family to compete. He began participating as a young youngster in local tournaments before moving on to professional training. He also served as a quartermaster in the Israeli navy as a young man, and was granted special authorization to participate abroad. He debuted on the windsurfing scene in early 2000 and competed internationally until 2013. He competed at all levels throughout this time, from juvenile events to World Championships. In competition, he is known for being tranquil and quiet, and he has been cited as claiming that the water relaxes him. He’s been winning surfing events since he was a kid, thanks to his calm manner and self-assurance. Continue reading to learn more about this great windsurfer’s life and accomplishments.

Childhood and Adolescence

Shahar was born in the coastal town of Eliat on September 1, 1986. This location, on the Red Sea, was ideal for learning windsurfing. His father taught him to surf when he was six years old. He won several local surfing events when he was younger and proceeded to train professionally.

Career of Shahar

In the year 2000, Shahar competed in his first international tournament. At the ‘Windsurfing World Championships for Boys,’ he won the silver medal. He set his sights on the Olympics after this competition and began perfecting the ‘Mistral Windsurfer,’ which was used in the Olympics at the time. He began to compete on greater venues as a result of his training. He won the ‘Under-17 World Championships’ in 2002. In 2004, he earned the silver medal in the ‘Youth World Championships’ in Bulgaria. The Olympic sport switched to the Neil Pryse RS:X surfboard at this time, giving younger surfers a competitive advantage while veteran surfers struggled to adjust.

He joined the Israel Defense Forces in 2005. As a navy quartermaster, he was trained in the Zikim facility and stationed at Eliat. He was also designated as a ‘Athlete of Excellence,’ allowing him to compete in international events. He was the first Israeli to compete with the Neil Pryde RS:X board in 2006, and he came in first. Gal Fridman, a two-time Israeli Olympic medallist, was his closest competitor. He competed in a number of international contests in 2007 in order to earn a position on the Olympic team. He won a silver medal in France, finished sixth in the European Championships in Cyprus, and finished eighth in the World Championships in Portugal.

He began 2008 with a bronze medal at the ‘Windsurfing World Championships’ in Auckland, New Zealand, securing his place on the ‘2008 Israeli Windsurfing Olympic team.’ In 2008, Shahar competed in his first Olympic Games, competing in the men’s RS:X windsurfing category. In this event, he rallied from behind to win the bronze medal.
He continued to compete after winning the Olympic medal, winning the European championships in 2009 and 2010. He competed in the Olympic Games in London in 2012. During these games, he came in 20th place and failed to bring home another medal for Israel. In China, he competed in the ‘ISAF Sailing World Cup.’ In 2013, he was the winner of this competition.

Achievements & Awards

He won bronze in the ‘Men’s RS:X Windsurfing’ event at the ‘Beijing Olympics’ in 2008. At the Beijing Olympics, he was the sole Israeli to earn a medal. In 2009, he began his winning streak by winning back-to-back European windsurfing championships. In 2013, he placed first in the ‘ISAF Sailing World Cup.’

Personal History and Legacy

When Shahar won the bronze medal in ‘Men’s Windsurfing’ at the 2008 Olympic Games, he became a national hero for Israel. After the 2008 games, Shahar caused quite a stir with his statements on his Chinese hosts, criticizing their traditions, food, and speech in an interview with Yediot Ahronot. He then apologized for his remarks after pressure from both sides of the administration.

Estimated Net Worth

Shahar Tzuberi is one of the wealthiest and most prominent surfers in the world. Shahar Tzuberi’s net worth is estimated to be $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.


During the opening ceremony of the ‘London Olympic Games,’ this well-known windsurfer waved the Israeli flag. For the 2012 Olympic Games, this well-known athlete shaved the Israeli flag into his hair. Gad Tsobari, the legendary Olympic medal-winning surfer’s uncle, competed as a wrestler in the 1972 Olympic Games in Munich. During the Munich Massacre, Gad narrowly dodged Arab militants.