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Roman Atwood, an American “YouTuber,” comedian, and vlogger, formerly wed Shanna Atwood. In high school, they first crossed paths. After graduation, they were married. They lived in harmony and happiness for approximately five years. In 2004, Shanna gave birth to their son, Noah. When Roman learned in 2007 that Shanna had an affair with one of his producers, their relationship deteriorated. The divorce, which Roman soon filed for, was finally finalized in 2010. The pair kept fighting vehemently after the divorce. Soon after, Shanna launched a lawsuit against Roman, charging that he had taken advantage of Noah to make money. Shanna, however, lost both the court case and Noah’s custody.

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Personal Life of Shanna Atwood

On February 21, 1983, in Utah, Shanna Riley Janette was given birth to. When Shanna first met Roman, she was in her adolescent years. They fell in love with one another not long after they met. Shanna was unaware of Roman’s future professional endeavors at the time. Roman was unsure of his future on YouTube. At that time, he was a typical high school student. Their relationship eventually blossomed.

After graduating, Shanna Roman made the decision to be married. On November 17, 2001, they exchanged vows in Licking County, Ohio. At the time, they were both 18 years old. The couple had their baby, Noah Vaughn Atwood, on October 18, 2004, which was three years later. Shanna and Roman relocated to Ohio not long after Noah was born. Roman and Shanna were getting along just well up until that point.

Shanna Atwood’s Relationship with Roman

Roman launched his solo career in 2006 by creating a collection of DVDs dubbed “The Nerd Herd.” The next year, one of Roman’s producers passed out on his driveway while working on one of his shoots. Shanna cheated on Roman in 2008 by seeing the same producer. Roman started the divorce process after learning about the secret relationship.

Since 2008, Shanna and Roman have been apart. In 2010, their divorce was finalized. After the divorce, Noah spent his weekends with Roman while the weekdays were spent with Shanna.

Even after being divorced, Roman and Shanna occasionally argue. Additionally, Roman has frequently written criticism of Shanna on his website. My ex-wife is a Bitch! was one of Roman’s posts on his Twitter account in March 2015. Another video he posted was labeled “My wife cheated on me.” The video was later removed, though.

Shanna brought a lawsuit against Roman in 2015. She took offense at Roman forcing Noah to appear on his “YouTube” channels, she remarked. She also charged him with taking advantage of Noah in order to profit. A temporary restraining order against Roman was also obtained by Shanna. Roman initiated the hashtag campaign “#FreeMyNinjaNoah” to solicit help from the public.

Finally, on October 10, 2015, Roman was given custody of Noah, with Shanna only permitted to visit him around the holidays. Roman was also given approval to once more feature Noah once in his vlogs. The judgment of the court was a defeat for Shanna. Roman has featured some of Noah’s best moments in these vlogs, making Noah’s return to vlogging successful.

After getting divorced, Roman started dating Brittney Smith. Kane Alexander, a son, was born to Roman and Brittney on October 23, 2011, and Cora, a daughter, was born on July 16, 2017.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of Shanna Atwood is about $1 million.