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Carrollton, Texas

Shannon Beveridge is a social media celebrity and actor from the United States. She rose to fame as a YouTube personality in 2009, when she launched her ‘nowthisisliving’ channel. She is also well-known on social media sites such as Instagram, Twitter, YouNow, and Tumblr. Shannon is one of the most popular social media stars, with thousands of followers across multiple platforms, and she has also received a couple of awards. She starred in a short film titled ‘Piece of Cake,’ in which she played an important part, after establishing herself as a social media star. She is also an advocate for the LGBTQ community, frequently fighting for their rights and freedom on YouTube.

Childhood and Adolescence

Shannon Beveridge was born in Carrollton, Texas, in the United States of America on March 19, 1992. She grew up in Norman, Oklahoma, where her family had relocated when she was very small.

She attended the ‘Price College of Business at the ‘University of Oklahoma’ after graduating from high school. Shannon wanted to come out as a lesbian at an early age, but she put it off because she wasn’t sure how her family and friends would react.

She subsequently stated in one of her interviews that some of her classmates would express homophobic views based on religious beliefs, which discouraged her from speaking the truth. She went on to say that people often say things just for the sake of saying them and that she still has acquaintances who have spoken out against the LGBT community.

She began writing about her emotions on Tumblr, which ultimately enabled her to speak. She also penned a personal letter to her father in which she explained her sexual orientation to him. Shannon’s coming out story inspired many, and she soon found herself surrounded by admirers and followers.

Many of her admirers began contacting her and telling her how she had inspired them in various ways. They also encouraged her to start her own YouTube channel in order to motivate others. Shannon was compelled to create a YouTube channel despite having no intention of doing so because her fans believed it would help thousands of others who were still struggling to come out.

Shannon Baveridge’s Career

Shannon and her then-girlfriend, Camden Scott, started their YouTube account on August 27, 2009. She began by uploading a variety of videos, including numerous vlogs about her adorable relationship with her ex-partner.

Shannon’s YouTube channel is quite famous, with over 603,000 subscribers and over 70 million views, and it reflects the voice of the LGBT community. She has always maintained that her channel exists solely to interact with other members of the community.

Shannon’s YouTube channel, in addition to inspiring many of her fans and followers, also provides plenty of amusement in the form of quirky challenges, hilarious queer slang talks, and dreamy travel vlogs.

‘A Letter to You,’ ‘Why We Broke Up,’ ‘My Ex Called Me A Pillow Princess,’ ‘My Drunk Girlfriend,’ ‘Superkiss & Life Alone,’ ‘Our First Time,’ and ‘Girlfriend Tag’ are among the most popular videos on her account. Each of these films has received over a million views.

Shannon is also well-known on numerous social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, YouNow, and Tumblr. Her Instagram account has over 586,000 fans, but her Twitter account has more than 231,000 followers. Shannon is a social media personality who works to strengthen the LGBT community. She was nominated for a ‘British LGBT Award’ in 2016 for her outstanding achievement.

She was shortlisted for the ‘British LGBT Awards’ again in 2017, and this time she won the ‘LGBT Celebrity Rising Star Award.’ She also earned the ‘LGBTQ YouTube Channel Award’ at the ‘Shorty Awards the same year.

Shannon’s popularity landed her a role in the short film ‘Piece of Cake,’ in which she played one of the main characters called Jessie. She embarked on a ‘Love Is Love’ tour in 2017 with YouTubers and artists Rebecca Black and Miles McKenna.

Shannon also offers clothing and merchandise via the internet. Her merchandise includes everything from T-shirts to phone covers.

Shannon’s Private Life

Shannon Beveridge was dating fellow YouTuber Camden Scott, with whom she co-founded her channel. Shannon and Camden have kept a friendly relationship even after their divorce. They also shared a film called ‘Why We Broke Up,’ which has received over 2.5 million views.

Shannon is presently dating singer and actress Cari Fletcher, whom she frequently features on her Instagram page. Shannon currently resides in Los Angeles, California.

Estimated Net Worth

Shannon Beveridge is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most famous. Shannon Beveridge’s net worth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.