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Updated On September 23, 2023
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The best-selling inspirational book “Never Stop Holding Hands: And Other Marriage Survival Tips” was written by Shara Grylls. She is most known for being the spouse of Bear Grylls, a well-known explorer and television host. Shara Grylls has been in public multiple times with her well-known husband, who is well-known for serving as the host of the well-liked television program “Man vs. Wild.” When Shara released her first book, “Marriage Matters,” in 2006, she officially began her writing career. She published her second book, “Never Stop Holding Hands,” six years later. The counsel a senior couple gave Shara and her husband on their wedding day served as the basis for the book. Shara and Edward (Bear Grylls) even admitted that they adhered to the instruction to the letter and that it is one of the reasons for their blissful union.

Childhood and Career

In 1974, Shara Cannings Knight was born in England, in the United Kingdom. She began writing quite early in life, but it wasn’t until she married Edward Michael Grylls—better known as Bear Grylls—that she was recognized as a published author. Marriage Matters, Shara’s debut novel, was released in 2006 by “Pen Press Publishers.” It’s interesting that the book includes a collection of different marriage-related ideologies. The author received the philosophies—some well-known and some private—from various sources after asking them to divulge their insider tips for a happy marriage. The second book Shara wrote, “Never Stop Holding Hands: And Other Marriage Survival Tips,” was released in 2012. There are uplifting and motivating words about the institution of marriage in the book, which was written by David C Cook. Readers gave the book favorable reviews; one described it as a “great engagement present.”

Motherhood and marriage

Bear Grylls and Shara crossed paths on Scotland’s north shore while Grylls was staying with a friend and getting ready to tackle Mount Everest. Bear Grylls claimed in one of his later interviews that meeting Shara was a mistake because he had to leave for the Everest ascent only a few months afterwards. After climbing Everest, Grylls quickly got down on one knee and proposed to Shara when he got home. Bear Grylls and Shara made the decision to not take any chances with their relationship even before their wedding. As a result, they had decided to consult a psychotherapist immediately after being married. The purpose of seeing a counselor right away after their wedding was to avoid doing so later. Additionally, they had asked for marriage advice from their wedding guests on the big day.

The couple wed in 2000, and they subsequently admitted that an elderly couple’s counsel to continue holding hands while walking down the aisle was the best advice they had heard. This counsel not only had a significant impact on their marriage but also served as Shara’s source of inspiration for her second book.

Three sons, Jesse (born in March 2003), Marmaduke Mickey Percy (born in April 2006), and Huckleberry Edward Jocelyne (born in January 2009), belong to Bear and Shara Grylls. Bear Grylls claimed in one of his interviews that his wife and kids motivate him to make it back from all of his trips safely. Shara is a responsible mother who actively participates in her kids’ growth. Bear Grylls spends little time at home, so Shara has taken it upon herself to raise her sons. Shara and her kids alternate between living in London and a vacation property on the island of St. Tudwal in North Wales. The family owns an island, where they spend their weekends and holidays.

Individual Life of Shara Grylls

Shara Grylls spends her time assisting her spouse in charitable endeavors in addition to writing. Shara supports and plans numerous fund-raising events for various charitable causes alongside Bear Grylls. One of the groups she works for inspires young people to overcome the most difficult obstacles in life. The Twitter account of Shara Grylls has more than 7,500 followers.

Estimated Net Worth of Shara Grylls

The estimated net worth of Shara Grylls is around $1 million.