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Shaun McKnight is the creator of the popular YouTube program ‘Cute Girls Hairstyle’. His wife began the channel as a fun project, with short hair tutorials that mostly involved their children. Shaun saw the potential in this field and decided to make it his full-time job after the channel quickly became renowned and popular. His MBA in International Business gave him a better understanding of the channel’s aims and objectives. He is presently in charge of the channel’s and its four subsidiaries’ overall development. He has since partnered with several world-renowned businesses, including Unilever, Google, and Walmart, and has frequently spoken about his business strategies at conferences. His family and accomplishments have been featured in numerous media sources, including ABC News and Forbes. The channel has consistently been listed among YouTube’s most viewed and subscribed to channels. He is presently the president and COO of M-Star Media, where he is in charge of all content and production. He is still a significant social media influencer today, with over 1 billion views on his YouTube account.

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Shaun McKnight’s Career

Shaun McKnight was working as a Business Development Director for Nature’s Sunshine Products in Utah when he discovered YouTube’s fame. Mindy McKnight, his wife, was operating the ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles’ channel, which was becoming increasingly popular. They began by placing pictures in an album and uploading them, but the reaction was so positive, with increasing comments, that they decided to begin live tutorials.

Shaun saw this as a business opportunity and was unable to balance his regular work and managing the channel. In September 2013, he chose to leave his comfortable job to concentrate on growing the channel’s popularity. The material began with an emphasis on girls’ hairstyles and hairdos, as well as lifestyle, beauty, parenting, and teen advice.

‘Live Mermaids Swimming in Our Pool,’ ‘Feather Waterfall & Ladder Braid Combo,’ ‘The Waterfall Braid,’ and ‘Ponytail Bow’ are among the most popular videos on this site. The fact that the material was free and the hairdos were in the form of step-by-step video tutorials contributed to the enormous success. Shaun’s branding initiative and strategies were instrumental in keeping the channel fiscally viable and popular.

He understands Adsense, promotions, goods, and brands. Brooklyn and Bailey, Shaun’s twin daughters, began their own YouTube vlog focusing on beauty and fashion with Shaun’s guidance and direction. Following that, the couple launched two more channels: ‘Millennial Moms,’ which focuses on lifestyle and parenting, and ‘Squared2,’ which is exclusively devoted to twins and everything related to them.

Along with this primary channel, Shaun McKnight presently manages four other family-related channels. ‘Cute Kids Hairstyles’ went on to become YouTube’s Top 250 ‘Most Subscribed All-Time’ channel as well as the Top 10 Beauty channel. In a Google competition, the channel was named the best up-and-coming channel on YouTube.

Shaun and his family have also received extensive coverage in the media, including Disney Jr., Nickelodeon, People, Cosmopolitan, and other national and foreign news outlets. He was also given the chance to direct digital content for Disney IMG’s style channel. He is currently listed among the top social media influencers in the United States.

On May 10, 2018, he delivered a lecture at the ClamourCon Creator Summit on ‘Building a Business Beyond Your Channel,’ summarizing how he successfully expanded his family’s channel into a stable income. ‘Cute Girls Hairstyles’ is a small lifestyle media empire that has millions of fans. He is also a partner in, a premium zippered-bedding business, and CVXLive, a video convention.

The couple’s long-term aim is to write a book about parenting and the experience of raising six children. They also want to concentrate on licensing agreements for Cute Girls Hairstyles-branded merchandise and products in order to connect with their fans more.

Shaun’s Private Affairs

Shaun McKnight was born in Idaho on May 5, 1974. He has been married to Mindy McKnight for over a decade, and the couple has four legitimate children: Brooklyn, Bailey, Kamri, and Rylan, as well as two adopted children: Daxton and Paisley. He majored in Psychology as an undergraduate and subsequently pursued an MBA.

The couple admitted that the success of their YouTube channel has allowed them to add two more children to their household. They blogged about their adoption experience and how it affected their lives. He has admitted that after quitting his work and staying at home, his perspective on parenting shifted.

Estimated Net Worth

Shaun is one of the wealthiest YouTube stars and one of the most famous. Shaun McKnight’s net wealth is $5 million, according to Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider.