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Sheena Easton, a Scottish singer, and actress who has won a Grammy Award, originally gained notoriety by appearing in the British documentary and reality television series “The Big Time,” which aired from 1976 to 1980. She received a deal with EMI Records as a result of her presence on the program, and she later rose to prominence as one of the best British female pop singers of her generation. Her numerous hit singles included “Modern Girl” and “Morning Train (Nine to Five),” which made her the first female UK artist after Ruby Murray to appear twice on the UK top 10 list. Her 1981 hit song “Morning Train (Nine to Five)” made her the third British vocalist, after Petula Clark and Lulu, to appear on the US Hot 100. She is also one of the few British artists to have won a Grammy for a song in a different language. She won the Grammy for Best Mexican-American Performance for her duet with Luis Miguel in the middle of the 1980s on the well-known Mexican hit song “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres.” Although she has achieved great success professionally, her personal life has been turbulent, with numerous failed marriages.

Early Childhood & Life

Alex Orr, a steel mill worker, and Annie Orr welcomed Sheena Shirley Orr into the world on April 27, 1959, in Bellshill, North Lanarkshire, Scotland. Two brothers, Robert and Alex, and three sisters, Marilyn, Anessa, and Morag, make up Easton’s five elder siblings.

When Easton was only ten years old, her father passed away, and her mother struggled mightily to support the family. Sheena wasn’t very into music before she saw the film “The Way We Were” and was captivated by Barbra Streisand’s voice.

She excelled in school and received a scholarship that enabled her to enroll in Glasgow’s Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama. Between 1975 and 1979, she trained there for four years. To pay for her training, she also played in a band called “Something Else” at nearby bars.

Career of Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton was gradually becoming well-known as a pop vocalist in the late 1970s. One of Easton’s tutors submitted her name for the audition at this time when the producer of the BBC program “The Big Time” wanted to do a documentary on a relatively unknown pop singer’s climb to prominence. She was chosen to perform on the show, joining Lulu and Dusty Springfield.

Easton received a contract from EMI Records shortly afterward. In 1980, she released her debut single, “Modern Girl,” which rapidly rose to No. 8 on the UK Singles Charts. The debut hit of her career, which gained her immediate fame and fortune.

Until her second single hit the market, Easton was still unsure about her singing career, despite her increasing fame and the success of her first single. Morning Train (Nine to Five), her second success, gained a Gold certification and peaked at number three on the UK Singles Charts.

She went on to release the albums Sheena Easton, You Could Have Been with Me, and Madness, Money, and Music over the next years. The teenage vocalist quickly rose to international stardom after these albums went on to become smash hits.

Her duet with Kenny Rogers, “We’ve Got Tonight,” made it to both the US Top 10 Chart and the UK Top 30 Chart in January 1983. The track “Telefone (Long Distance Love Affair)” from her following album, “Best Kept Secret” (1983), reached the top 10 in the US and was nominated for a Grammy Award for “Best Female Pop Vocal Performance.”

When she and Mexican musician Luis Miguel sang the Spanish-language smash track “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres,” Easton made history as the first British female singer to succeed in a foreign language duet.
Her album “A Private Heaven” was platinum-certified by the RIAA and went on to become a bestseller in 1984. She received another Grammy nomination, making the year one to remember.

Easton had a few successes between 1987 and 1990. She worked with Prince to create the smash song “U Got the Look” for his movie “Sign o’ the Times,” which reached No. 2 in the US charts. She and Prince were both nominated for Grammys in the categories of “Best R&B Vocal, Duo or Group” and “Best R&B Song.”

She did a lot of nationwide touring to promote her music during her career. Easton has had appearances in a number of movies and TV shows, including “For Your Eyes Only,” “Miami Vice,” “Jack’s Place,” “All Dogs Go to Heaven 2,” and “Young Blades.” He is also an infrequent actor.

Bigger Works of Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton has produced a number of top-charting hit singles in the US and the UK. After getting into the business, she produced two consecutive Top 10 singles in the UK Singles Chart with “Modern Girl” and “Morning Train (Nine to Five).
When she performed the well-known duet “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres,” which translates to “I Like You Just the Way You Are,” with Mexican artist Luis Miguel, Easton became the first British female singer to receive recognition for a song in a foreign language. Grammy honors were given to the group for “Best Mexican-American Performance.”

Awards and Successes

Sheena Easton has received numerous honors over her successful career. At the Daily Mirror Pop & Rock Awards in 1980, she won Best British Female Singer, and in 1981, she received the Billboard Music Award for “Top Pop New Artist.”

In 1982, she received the Grammy Award for Best New Artist, and in 1985, she and Luis Miguel shared the Grammy Award for Best Mexican-American Performance for the song “Me Gustas Tal Como Eres.”

Individual Life of Sheena Easton

Sheena Easton has two adopted children and has been married four times throughout her life. In 1978, her first marriage to Sandi Easton barely lasted a year.

Eventually, on January 12, 1985, she wed Robert Light; they were later divorced. After eleven years, she got remarried. Her third marriage, which took place on July 28, 1997, to Timothy Delarm, likewise ended in divorce after a year.

Her most recent marriage, which lasted for about two years, was her fourth. On November 9, 2002, she wed John Minoli, and they divorced in 2004.

Jake Rion Cousins Easton and Skylar Easton were adopted by Easton in November 1994. (in January 1996).

Sheena Easton’s Net Worth

Sheena Easton is a Scottish actress, singer, and composer with a $12 million net worth. Sheena Easton is best known for her singles “9 to 5 (Morning Train),” “For Your Eyes Only,” and “We’ve Got Tonight” (featuring Kenny Rogers). She has released more than a dozen studio albums, including “Take My Time” (1981), “You Could Have Been with Me” (1981), “A Private Heaven” (1984), “The Lover in Me” (1988), and “Fabulous” (2000).