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Wugang, Hunan

Shen Yue is a model and actress from China. She first gained notoriety for playing Zeng Zhi in the web series “A Love So Beautiful.” Later, she was cast as Dong Shancai in “Meteor Garden,” a Hunan Television and Netflix production. Shen Yue, a native of the province of Hunan, was a journalism and communication student at Hunan Normal University when one of her classmates snapped a photo of her and uploaded it online. Her prospective agent then came to recruit her. Shen Yue debuted as an actor in 2017’s “Autumn Harvest Uprising” and then landed a supporting role in “Let’s Shake It.” Following this, the television series “A Love So Beautiful” aired, which aided in her rise to prominence as an actress. She became a global celebrity when she played “Dong Shancai,” the female lead in “Meteor Garden.” She has more than nine million followers on Sina Weibo and more than two hundred thousand followers on Instagram.

Career of Shen Yue

In 2017, Shen Yue made her television debut in the television series “Autumn Harvest Uprising,” which told the tale of Mao Zedong’s 1927 uprising in the provinces of Hunan and Jiangxi. Zeng Zhi, a country girl, was portrayed by Shen Yue. After that, she was chosen for the web comedic fantasy series “Let’s Shake It.” The plot, which is based on the fiction “Shake It, ET” by Zifeng Diuzi, centers on an alien named Abu who, upon arriving on Earth, adopts the identity of a woman named Tang Qingye. One of the supporting characters in the first season was Xiao Yue, played by Shen Yue. With two billion online views and a 7.8 rating on Douban—a Chinese social networking site that allows users to record information—the show has become a huge phenomenon.

Later same year, Shen Yue starred in her first leading role in the television series “Zhì WŒ Mén Dān Chún De Xiŏo Měi HŎo,” which was about coming of age. She played Chen Xiaoxi, a bright and self-assured young lady who has a passion for sketching and later becomes a cartoonist, and was cast opposite Hu Yitian. She finds herself drawn to Jiang Chen, a classy and astute student played by Hu Yitian, who eventually works as a cardiac surgeon in a hospital. During its initial run, the program received favorable reviews, particularly for its characterization and plot, and it racked up over 5.5 billion views on the internet.

After that, Shen Yue appeared in the Hunan Television series “Liúxīng Huāyuán” (Meteor Garden), which ran from July 9 to August 29, 2018. Starring Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Connor Leong, and Caesar Wu, the show was likewise based on the Japanese shōjo manga series “Boys Over Flowers” and the original “Meteor Garden” (2001) series. The protagonist of the show, Dong Shancai, was portrayed by Shen Yue. Dong Shancai is a strong, independent, and kind young lady who detests bullying. She has enrolled in the most prominent university in the nation, where she clashes with the F4 group of four lads.

When the sitcom debuted on Netflix, it shot to international fame. It also made Shen Yue known to an audience outside of China. She will be featured in the drama series “Another Me,” which premieres soon. In addition to Shen Yue, Ziqi Xiong, Duling Chen, and Zou Ting Wei will also feature in the series.

Disputes and Scandals of Shen Yue

Shen Yue caused controversy in the middle of 2018 when it was made public on Chinese social media that she had deleted several of her old classmates from her WeChat contact list. She allegedly published a lengthy article afterwards in which she justified her actions by claiming that it was because she hadn’t spoken to any of those individuals in a long time.

Individual Life of Shen Yue

On February 27, 1997, Shen Yue was born in Wugang, a county-level city in China’s Hunan Province. Not much is known about her early years or family. Shen Yue was raised in a middle-class household. She attended Wugang No. 1 Middle School, where her father teaches history. She enrolled at Hunan Normal University in 2014 with the goal of earning a journalism and communication degree.

From an early age, she has had a keen interest in photography. She had the chance to explore this passion further in her second year of college. She collaborated and became friends with a number of photographers. Shen Yue intervened during a picture shoot when one of the models failed to show up. After that, the final image was shared online.

She was shocked to learn that her future agent had contacted her after seeing the photo and requested that she travel to Beijing to finalize a deal. She is currently signed to Mantra Pictures, a 2016-founded business.

Net worth of Shen Yue

The estimated net woth of Shen Yue is about