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Hollywood makeup artist Sheryl Berkoff is well-known for being the devoted wife of actor Rob Lowe. In Hollywood, having been together for more than 25 years is already a major accomplishment. Sheryl has consistently supported her husband through his difficult moments. Rob has never missed an opportunity to thank Sheryl for helping to make their journey so beautiful. He has also discussed how she strikes a balance between her personal and business lives. Sheryl and Rob enjoy a happy life in their opulent penthouse in California and have been blessed with two sons.

Childhood and Career

Sheryl Berkoff was born in Los Angeles, California, on June 20, 1961. Although nothing is known about her education or family history, it is widely acknowledged that she is the sister of Academy Award-winning actress Hilary Swank.

Sheryl is a well-known Hollywood cosmetics and special effects artist who has assisted many well-known performers in being dolled up. She performed admirably in the 1992 movie “Glengarry Glen Ross.” She also showcased her incredible talents in the movie “Frankie and Johnny.” Her performance in the movie “The Vanishing” increased her notoriety. Other notable works by Sheryl include “Renegades” and “Eve of Destruction” (1991). (1989).

Sheryl had the potential to excel as a makeup artist in Hollywood, but she opted to focus on being a good wife and mother instead. Sheryl is proud to be a member of such a loving and supportive family and has no regrets about it. She never feels bad about prioritizing her family over her work. Sheryl claims that she finds comfort and happiness in her family. She has kept a low profile and only appears in photos when she is with Rob at significant gatherings and film premieres.

The Story of Sheryl and Rob’s Love

Rob was already famous when Sheryl and he first met in the early 1980s. A mutual buddy acquainted them initially. At the time, Sheryl was seeing Rob’s buddy and actor Emilio Estevez. When they first met, they had no intention of getting romantically involved. However, fate had other ideas for them.

They went on a blind date in 1983 and were shocked to run into each other. The meeting, however, turned out to be another informal one. Nevertheless, they warmed up to one another this time. They reconnected on the set of the movie “Bad Influence,” in which Sheryl was Rob’s makeup artist, six years later. They had a lot of quality time together, which strengthened their connection.

Rob and Sheryl immediately began dating one another. After two years of romance, they eventually took their relationship to the next level by getting married. They welcomed Matthew Edward Lowe, their first child, in 1993. John Owen Lowe, their second son, was born two years later.

Sheryl has been a wonderful mother and wife, in Rob’s opinion. She has consistently supported Rob in all his good and terrible moments. Sheryl spoke out against the accusation that Rob had physically assaulted one of his workers. As it turned out, the worried worker made up the accusation against Rob in an effort to sour his marriage. However, Sheryl’s unwavering faith in Rob prevented their marriage from being harmed by the employee’s malign purpose.

Her attempts to make their travel happy have been acknowledged by Rob. Rob made a remark in 2016 on the “Rachael Ray” show that disclosed the secret of their happy marriage. He claimed that their friendship is one of their marriage’s strengths. She is responsible for their sons’ academic success, he added. Additionally, Sheryl made it simpler for him to maintain contact with his sons after they moved out to pursue their education.

Sheryl never found being an actor’s wife to be simple. Sheryl and Rob’s relationship is an exception given that they work in an industry where relationships are typically unstable. Sheryl has never experienced relationship insecurity. She merely exudes pride at having a hottie for a hubby. In fact, she enjoys watching other women swoon over her spouse, especially actors.

A tabloid published a few images of Rob and Sheryl’s Hawaii vacation in 2015. They both looked wonderful in beachwear, especially considering their ages.

Sheryl Berkoff’s earnings and net worth

Her career-related net worth is expected to be over $30 million US according to data from 2022. Her pay and other earnings, however, are unknown.

Rob, her husband, is a $100 million asset owner. One of the two homes this couple purchased cost $3.7 million in Beverly Hills in October 2020. They acquired the following one in November for $5.2 million in Montecito.

They spent an additional $13 million in December of the same year to purchase a second Montecito mansion.