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Shim Eun-kyung is a South Korean actress who has won awards for her performances in films such as ‘Miss Granny’, ‘Romantic Heavens’, and ‘Happy Killers’. Shim began her career as a child actress and made her acting debut in 2004 with the series ‘The Woman Who Wants to Marry.’ She gradually established herself as one of the most talented child actors of her generation. As time passed, she was offered several roles that helped mold her into a highly competitive young actor, and by the time she made her feature film debut in the comedy drama ‘Sunny,’ she was already being hailed as a great actress. She received widespread acclaim for her film roles and also appeared in critically and commercially successful television series such as ‘The Legend’ and ‘Women of the Sun’. She has occasionally entertained her fans with her musical abilities, releasing a few singles that were later included on the soundtracks for her films ‘Miss Granny’ and ‘Happy Killers’.

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Childhood & Adolescence

Shim Eun-kyung was born in a prosperous Gangneung family on May 31, 1994. She was the family’s youngest child, and thus the most adored.

She grew up watching dramas and films at home, which sowed the seeds of her future career in acting. However, she was not serious about pursuing a career in acting and fame was never a goal of hers. All she desired was to act.

She developed an early understanding of life and immersed herself in science fiction comics, music, and taekwondo.

This developed her into a mentally strong individual, which aided her when she began giving back-to-back auditions.

Already a film star, she completed her middle school education in South Korea before relocating to the United States.

She stated that the fame she had previously enjoyed was no longer as great, and she didn’t want any of her classmates to treat her like a celebrity. She relocated to the United States of America in search of a more tranquil existence and completed her high school education there.

Career of Shim

Shim began her acting career as a child actress in the series ‘Dae Jang Geum.’ Following this brief appearance, she received additional offers and starred in the 2004 series ‘The Woman Who Wants to Marry,’ which she officially claims as her debut.

Following her roles in ‘Sweet Buns’ and ‘Emperor of the Sear,’ she began to gain recognition as a competent actress, which was a rarity among child actors. She quickly became everyone’s favorite due to her impressive professionalism.

Following that, she landed a few minor roles in popular series such as ‘Lovers in Prague’ and ‘The Secret Lovers,’ and her performances drew praise from almost everyone who saw her work.

Her breakthrough role in the 2007 film ‘Hansel and Gretel’ established her as a popular celebrity. She portrayed a sexually abused young girl in South Korea’s adaptation of the popular fairytale.

Following that, she landed some better television roles, including ‘The Legend’ and ‘Women of the Sun,’ and her performance was praised to the point where critics stated that she had become the focal point of the projects in which she appeared, frequently outshining her adult co-stars.

Following that, she starred in films such as ‘Possessed,’ ‘Happy Killers,’ and ‘The Quiz Show Scandal.’ She was nominated for Best New Actress at the Grand Bell Awards, Blue Dragon Film Awards, and Baeksang Arts Awards for the latter two.

She transitioned from child actress to lead actress with the 2011 women-oriented film ‘Sunny,’ which was also a period comedy drama. Shim starred in the ensemble film, which grew in popularity slowly but eventually became one of the year’s most successful. The director lavished her with praise and stated on record that Shim was a ‘complete actress.’

To test herself, she chose slightly ‘off-the-beaten-path’ roles for her future projects. In ‘My Dad Loves Trouble,’ she portrayed a helpless girl caught up in the Korean War, and in the horror film ‘Possessed,’ she portrayed a girl with some sickly supernatural abilities.

She also made a cameo appearance as a depressed schoolgirl in the comedy film ‘The Quiz Show Scandal’.

She portrayed a court taster in the 2012 period drama film ‘The Masquerade’. The film received widespread critical acclaim and eventually became one of the highest grossing South Korean films of all time.

Shim delivered another ground-breaking performance in the 2014 comedy ‘Miss Granny,’ in which she took on the role of a 70-year-old woman who miraculously becomes young one day. Shim’s performance, as well as the film, was a smashing success. She was showered with awards for her memorable performance, including the Chunsa Film

Award, the Director’s Cut Award, the Buil Film Award, and a Korean Film Producers Association Award.
In 2014, she received widespread praise for the film ‘Miss Granny’, but was chastised for the television series ‘Naeil’s Cantabile’. The series was adapted from a Japanese manga and is widely considered to be Shim’s biggest failure to date.

While her cameo in the critically acclaimed film ‘Train to Busan’ was lauded, she continued to choose roles carefully in order to overcome the backlash she received for her TV series. ‘Missing you’ and ‘Queen of Walking’ both featured her. Shim’s performance in the latter was universally praised, and she describes working on the film as a life-changing experience.

In 2017, she starred in ‘Fabricated City,’ an action thriller science fiction film, and ‘Mayor,’ a political drama film starring acclaimed actor Choi Min-sik.

‘Psychokinesis,’ a supernatural thriller, and ‘Marital Harmony’ are among her upcoming films.

Apart from her acting roles, she is an avid music enthusiast who has dabbled in music whenever she had the opportunity. She was a featured performer on the official soundtracks for her films ‘Happy Killers’ and ‘Miss Granny’.

Private Life of Shim

Shim Eun-kyung has stated that she is currently single and has not dated anyone. She is concentrating her efforts on her acting career, and her schedule does not allow for romantic involvement.

In 2011, she sparked a minor controversy by blaming the organizers of the Grand Bell Awards. They allegedly dropped her name from a category’s list of award nominees after she informed them she would be unable to attend the ceremony.

The organizers then presented her with the award for Best Supporting Actress for her performance in the film ‘Romantic Heaven.’

Estimated Net Worth

The net worth of Shim ios $3.5millkion.