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Sienna Fizz is an English kid YouTuber. She is most known for being the younger sister of YouTube stars Darren and Georgie. She has a self-titled YouTube channel where she posts videos about children. She is also one half of the ‘Fizz Sisters’ YouTube channel, with her older sister Mia being the other half. In addition to these, she is featured on her family’s vlogging channel, ‘Family Fizz.’ Sienna has been in a variety of videos, including skits, challenges, amusing experiments, games, vlogs, and more. Whether she’s doing a solo video or being featured in a collaborative one, her delightful presence adds to the video’s cuteness and entertainment value. When it comes to the small YouTuber’s social media popularity, each of her channels is performing exceptionally well. Her solo channel has over 109k subscribers, while her joint channel has over 172k followers. Her family channel, on the other hand, is on its way to a million subscribers! Sienna, who has a sizable Instagram following, is a very gifted young lady. Her charisma and sweetness may quickly melt anyone’s heart!

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Ascend to the Top

Sienna Fizz began using YouTube in 2014, when her parents created three channels dedicated to her. Her channel is dedicated completely to great videos on topics of interest to children. Despite the fact that this channel, ‘Super Sienna,’ has less than ten videos, it has 109k subscribers. ‘What’s Inside My Mystery Box’ is the title of a recent video on the young YouTuber’s solo channel. ‘Fizz Sisters,’ Sienna’s second channel, was built for her and her sister Mia. This channel has a lot of videos, including excellent skits, food experiments, challenges, and ‘Make & Bake’ films. ‘Huge BUILD-A-BEAR Shopping Haul,’ a recent video on this channel, is a sponsored video from the well-known toy business BUILD-A-BEAR. Her parents started a family channel called ‘Family Fizz’ where they broadcast family videos. Sienna and her family appear in videos on travel and adventure, house tours, personal life tales, school anecdotes, and other topics. With over 802k subscribers as of June 2018, this channel is on its way to becoming the first to reach one million subscribers!

Personal Experiences of Sienna

Darren and Georgie Fizz welcomed Sienna Fizz into the world on September 16, 2011. Her parents are both well-known YouTubers with their own family channel. They were once known as ‘Vegan Kid TV’ on YouTube. They eventually changed the name of their channel to ‘Family Fizz.’ Sienna has an older sister named Mia, with whom she manages the ‘Fizz Sisters’ YouTube channel.

Estimated Net Worth

Sienna Fizz’s net worth is about $3 million as of 2021.