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Simon Mark Monjack was an English film director, producer, and screenwriter who worked in the profession for a short time. Monjack, on the other hand, was no less talented than his colleagues! One of the reasons for his brief stay in Hollywood may be attributed to the fact that he did not have enough time on his hands to prove his worth in the industry. Monjack began his seven-year stint in 2000, and during that time he wore many hats, including producer, director, playwright, and even makeup artist. He made his breakthrough with the film ‘Two Days, Nine Lives,’ which he wrote, directed, and produced. He was also active in other projects on an irregular basis. Monjack’s life was more well-known for his shady business dealings than for his films. Throughout his life, he was also plagued by health issues. Monjack had become ‘incoherent’ on his travel from Puerto Rico to Los Angeles a month before his wife Brittany Murphy died. He was brought to the hospital in January 2010, a month after she died, and allegations of his suffering from cardiac problems arose. He passed away four months later, in May 2010, from pneumonia and anemia.

Career of Simon

The film ‘Two Days, Nine Lives’ in 2000 was Simon Monjack’s first acknowledged production as a director and producer. He was granted disputed story credit for the film ‘Factory Girl,’ featuring actress and model Edie Sedgwick, in 2006. Director George Hickenlooper confirmed that Monjack was not engaged in the project at all, despite the fact that he claimed to be the man behind the script. They were compelled to sit down when he threatened them with disrupting the film’s release.

Monjack was set to helm a cinematic adaptation of D. M. Thomas’ novel ‘The White Hotel,’ about Sigmund Freud, according to E! News in 2007. His wife Brittany Murphy was meant to star in the project, but it never got off the ground. During Monjack’s lifetime, he was involved in a number of court battles. He was detained in 2005 on suspicions of credit card fraud, but the charges were later dropped. Coutts Bank was accused of a nearly $500,000 judgment against him a year later, in 2006. Monjack was detained in the United States in 2007 due to an expired visa. He was not only imprisoned for nine days, but he was also deported.

Personal Experiences of Simon

Simon Monjack was born to a Jewish family in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England on March 9, 1970. He spent the majority of his childhood in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire. Monjack received his early schooling at Juniper Hill School, Flackwell Heath, and afterwards Royal Grammar School. Monjack’s life was turned upside down when his father, William, died of a brain tumor. His mother, a hypnotherapist, relocated to Bourne End from Oxfordshire.

Simon Monjack was married twice. In November 2001, he married Simone Bienna, a British media personality, in Las Vegas. However, the marriage did not last long, and the couple divorced five months later. Their divorce was finalized in 2006. Monjack met actress Brittany Murphy the same year. Despite the fact that he had met her as a teenager and had kept in touch with her on occasion, their relationship blossomed after his divorce. Monjack and Murphy tied the knot in November of 2007.

Murphy’s abrupt death two years later, in December 2009, after fainting in the restroom, left Simon Monjack heartbroken. Her death was caused by pneumonia, with anemia and various prescription drug intoxication as secondary contributors, according to an autopsy report. Monjack remained ill for the most part after her death.
Simon Monjack died in his Hollywood home on May 23, 2010. His mother, who discovered him unconscious, dialed 911, but it was too late. Acute pneumonia and severe anemia claimed his life as well. Monjack and his wife Murphy both perished in the same house, in the same manner. He was laid to rest in Hollywood Hills’ Forest Lawn Memorial Park.

Estimated Net Worth

Simon Monjack has a net worth of $500 thousand as a British scriptwriter, director, producer, and make-up artist. Simon Murphy died in May 2010 at the age of 40, just five months after his wife, actress Brittany Murphy; both died of pneumonia and anemia.