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Simply put Shyla is a social media personality in the United States. ‘THIS IS L&S’ is her most well-known collaborative YouTube channel. Shyla and her boyfriend, Landon McBroom, the younger sibling of basketball player Austin McBroom, manage the channel. Shyla began her career as an Instagram celebrity before transitioning to YouTube. In addition to the collaborative channel, she also has a personal channel. However, she no longer actively contributes to the channel. Shyla and Landon’s vlogs, which are primarily about their relationship, have attracted millions of subscribers. They also create prank videos and challenge videos for their followers’ entertainment. Shyla and Landon also own a signature line of merchandise.

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Social Media Renown

Shyla entered the realm of social media through Instagram. In December 2014, she signed up for the platform. She primarily shares her photographs on ‘Instagram.’ She quickly gained notoriety as an Instagram model. She now has over 537 thousand Instagram followers. Shyla launched her YouTube channel, SHYLA WALKER TV, in 2015. The channel featured Shyla’s photo shoots and a Q&A segment in which she answered relationship-related questions from her followers. However, she does not frequently post frequently on the channel.

Shyla and her partner Landon McBroom launched their joint YouTube channel on March 12, 2017. This channel consists primarily of vlogs about their lives. It also contains a large number of hoax and challenge videos. Landon and Shyla’s first video was an introduction vlog in which they discussed their relationship. The second video uploaded to the channel received one million “views.”

It was a video with the title ‘REAL SPIDER PRANK ON GIRLFRIEND! *EXTREME!!! *’ Other videos on the channel with over a million “views” include ‘I SHAVED MY BOYFRIEND’S HEAD!!! (PRANK WARS),’ ‘I PROPOSED…SHE SAID NO!!,’ and ‘I PROPOSED…HE SAID NO!!’ ‘GIRLFRIEND VS. BROTHER (WHO KNOWS ME BETTER!??,”I SURPRISED MY GIRLFRIEND WITH A PUPPY!! (EMOTIONAL),” I’M PREGNANT PRANK ON MY BOYFRIEND! I was astonished by his response: “PASSED OUT WHILE DRIVING PRANK!! *Freaks out*”(She flipped out)’ and ‘I CHEATED ON MY GIRLFRIEND PRANK!’ The video with the title ‘I TOLD MY DAD I GOT MY GIRLFRIEND PREGNANT [CRAZY REACTION!!!]’ has received more than five million “views,” the most on the channel.

Shayla and Landon have filmed a music video for their respective vlogs. Tone Stith’s “My Woman” was featured in their music video, “THIS IS L&S – LOVE ME FOREVER.” The channel has acquired more than one million subscribers. Shyla and Landon also own a collaborative line of merchandise that is sold on their personal website.

Personal Facts About Shyla

Shyla was born in the United States on October 14, 1997. She goes by the moniker Shyla Walker. She currently resides in Los Angeles, California, with Landon. Since 2016, Shyla and Landon have been in a relationship. They met on Twitter and fell in love shortly thereafter.

Prior to entering the realm of social media, Shyla desired to become a professional infant cuddler. She has always desired a career that requires her to care for infants because she adores them. Shyla’s preferred color is infant pink. She is fond of elephants. Shyla dislikes patrons who chew with their mouths open and create noise while eating. She enjoys eating seafood and sashimi. Green tea ‘Frappuccino’ from ‘Starbucks’ is one of her preferred beverages.

Estimated Net Worth

Simply Shyla is the Instagram username of a social media user. The estimated net worth of SimplyShyla is $2 million.