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San Jose, California

Sky Williams is a YouTube gamer, stand-up comedian, and YouTuber who goes by the moniker Gregory Scott Williams. His ‘League of Legends’ videos and rants have made him famous. He’s also a Twitch sponsored live-streamer. He’s worked as a commentator for a few Smash tournaments. He often pulls inspiration for his writing from real-life experiences as an openly gay African-American. Despite the fact that many of his experiences were unpleasant, he has learned to combine them with his trademark wit to generate entertaining content for his viewers. His humorous monologues or rants may be found in many of his videos. Game streams, on the other hand, account for a significant amount of his films. VideoGameDunkey, Sp4zie, and Sunnysplosion are some of his gamer friends with whom he frequently collaborates on his streams. His YouTube channel currently has over 900,000 subscribers.

The Ascension To Stardom

Sky Williams used video games as a way to escape from harsh reality and sadness. He became so engrossed in the game after starting to play ‘Super Smash Brothers,’ that he began competing in it. He began attending gaming contests every weekend in order to achieve his goal of being the best performer.

He continued to play computer games, eventually becoming a well-known ‘League of Legends’ player, but his first taste of stardom came as a comedian. He grew so proficient at improvisational humor throughout his school years that he competed in a school talent contest and received a trophy for presenting unique jokes.

He worked as a waitress at Applebee’s for six years, where he discovered the Flappers comedy competition by happenstance one day. He competed in the tournament and finished fourth out of 400 contestants in the final.

He eventually started uploading films to his YouTube account, but it was a video he posted on Reddit raving against fellow League of Legends players that went popular first. Within two months, the video had moved to the top of Reddit’s website, making him an internet sensation.

Sky Williams’ Unique Qualities

When Sky Williams was in sixth grade, he got depressed about some aspects of his life. He recognized he was gay about this time, and knowing how his parents’ culture was against it, he was afraid to even tell his family. His personality began to shift, and his peers began to tease him.

As a result of his declining status, his friends began to abandon him, exacerbating his sadness. However, as he sought sanctuary in his gaming group, he discovered that his peers were unconcerned about whether he was a loser or a gay person, and instead shared his enthusiasm for the game.

He began to connect with his gamer pals by attempting to make them laugh because he was lonely at home and at school. He was inspired by standup comedy on Comedy Central and decided to pursue a career as a comedian. He’d often tell random jokes to see what made people laugh, then write it down and try it out on a new audience.

He went straight to his mother after winning a talent show at school to tell her that he wants to be a comedian. However, he did not receive the support he had hoped for from his family, and after a tense meeting with his stepfather, he ended up moving out to live on his own.

He subsequently proved his point by becoming a successful comic and gamer.

The Beyond Notoriety

Sky Williams recently received backlash on social media after pointing out cyberbullies who are easily upset by anything and then criticize people for expressing their thoughts without offering a legitimate reason.

Social justice warriors dubbed him a “tool of white supremacy” for denouncing fanaticism on both sides while discussing the Black Lives Matter movement. He is extremely sensitive to things that affect him personally.

Following the apparent death of actor Robin Williams, he put a video on his YouTube site titled “A Message to the Depressed.” addressing despair. He talked about his own experiences and attempted to provide comfort to individuals in similar situations, departing from his usual comedy themes.

The video went viral, reaching an audience far beyond his gaming subscribers. It was also covered by renowned web media such as The Telegraph in the United Kingdom and The Huffington Post. The video is currently the most popular on his YouTube account.

Behind the Scenes

Sky Williams was born in San Jose, California, on January 31, 1990, to Sharon and Greg Williams. When he was three years old, his parents divorced. His mother relocated to Gilroy, where he was raised.

His mother then married again, although he has a strained relationship with his stepfather. He has two elder siblings: Alex, his older sister, and Nick, his older brother.

Estimated Net worth

He has an estimated net worth of $2 million.