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“Skylander Dad” is the alias of the well-known American YouTuber Vincent Carter. He is the mastermind behind the immensely popular YouTube channels ‘FGTeeV,’ ‘TheSkylanderBoy AndGirl,’ ‘FUNnel Vision,’ and ‘DohMuchFun,’ collectively known as the ‘Skylander Family channels. This family of six includes Skylander’s Father, his wife, and four children. Each of them actively contributes to the channels’ content. Each member has their own channel. All of these channels offer a wide range of content, including gaming, travel, cuisine, adventure, lifestyle, pranks, and challenges. Each channel can claim millions of subscribers. Additionally, the family owns a merchandise line.

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Social Media Fame

In the autumn of 2006, the Skylander Family launched their first YouTube channel, titled “FUNnel Vision.” However, the first video was uploaded in August 2007, a few months later. Initially, it was a vlog channel, but later the variety of content expanded. The channel, as its name suggests, is titled “Fun All Day” and documents Skylander Dad and his family’s daring exploits.

The channel has evolved into a generalist, publishing various types of entertaining videos, including food challenges, vlogs, road trips, pranks, house visits, skits, and vacation diaries. Additionally, the channel has documented their family vacations, including visits to “Disneyland,” Hawaii, water parks, “Legoland,” “Hollywood Studios,” and the Bahamas. The channel has more than five million subscribers and is currently one of YouTube’s most prominent channels.

“Skylander Mom,” also known as “Skylander Dad’s” wife, completely supports “Skylander Dad.” She is described as his right hand by him. One of the channel’s most popular videos, “Baby Eating Salt and Vinegar Chips! She is featured in the video titled “First Time Trying and Eating Reaction!”

Skylander Dad launched his second YouTube channel, TheSkylanderBoy And Girl, in 2012. The channel is named after two of his children’s online pseudonyms. The majority of the videos on the channel provide gameplay walkthroughs and advice. The content also includes skits, creative custom videos, unboxing, giveaway contests, and music.

Skylander Dad created his third channel, FGTeV, the following year. This channel has the largest subscriber base of the four channels, with over six million viewers. The channel, aptly titled “Family Gaming Team,” is a great source of entertainment for video-game enthusiasts and a venue where they can watch gaming videos, sketch-comedy videos, product unboxings, and entertaining vlogs.

The channel features gameplay videos for numerous games, including ‘Minecraft,’ ‘Angry Birds,’ ‘FNAF,’ ‘Mario Kart,’ ‘Super Mario Bros,’ ‘Amazing Frog,’ ‘Plants vs. Zombies,’ ‘Pokemon Go,’ ‘Hello Neighbor,’ ‘,’ ‘Roblox,’ ‘Scribblenauts,’

In the first half of 2015, the fourth channel of the series went live. This channel, named “DohMuchFun,” is solely devoted to children and toys. Similarly, this channel has over a million subscribers.

Skylander Dad has also registered on numerous other social media platforms. His formerly named Instagram account, @skylanderdad, is now @funnelvisionfam. Currently, the account has more than 189 thousand followers. The family’s merchandise line is sold on the e-commerce website

Skylanders Personal Life

Skylander’s Dad was born in the United States on October 29, 1974. He is married to Samantha, a fellow YouTuber better known as “Skylander Mom.” Lexi (“Skylander Girl”), Michael (“Skylander Boy”), Chase (“Lightcore Chase”), and Shawn (“Skylander Baby”) are the couple’s four offspring.

Heidi and Elyssa, the aunts of the “Skylander” children, have their own YouTube channel, “Funkee Bunch,” where they appear alongside their parents, Tom and Jodi. Skylander Dad has demonstrated his passion for adventure, rhyming, and animation on his YouTube channels.

Estimated Net Worth

FGTeeV Duddy’s net worth in 2023 is $38 million. He obtains the majority of his income from his YouTube channels and other businesses.