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Skylar Healey is a Canadian dancer best recognized for her role in the popular Family Channel television series The Next Step. She is a recurring cast member who portrays the character ‘Skylar’ on the program. The program focuses on Skylar’s love of dance. She entered the show in season three. She has progressed significantly as a contemporary dancer since then. Skylar was trained at a dance studio in her hometown prior to appearing on the program. Skylar is presently concentrating on her academics in addition to her dance career.

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Skylar Healey’s Career

Skylar has always had a passion for dance. She began training in dance as a young child. When she and her older sister Cierra joined Carol Kitchen’s Dance Centre in Brantford, Ontario, Canada, she began her professional training. Skylar is now an expert in contemporary and acrobatic dance styles.

Skylar’s dance career began when she was offered a part in the Canadian mockumentary ‘The Next Step’ about dance. She was a huge fan of the program and knew several of the actors. Skylar and Cierra both tried out for the program. Skylar’s excitement increased when her sister was also cast in the performance. Despite having been trained in the same dance studio, Skylar and Cierra performed their first dance together on the program.

However, they were competitors in the program. Skylar joined the program in its third season as “Skylar.” Initially, she was portrayed as a member of the fictional ‘Elite Dance Academy’ on the program. Later, she became the dance commander of the show’s fictional rival team, ‘Gemini Dance Studio.’ Skylar’s experience of sharing screen space with her sister was a positive one.

The program made Skylar a celebrity. Several dance studios approached her after the performance and invited her to instruct their students. Soon thereafter, “Apex Dance Industry” invited her and her sister to conduct a dance workshop for their students.

Skylar’s Personal sphere

Skylar was born in Canada on August 25, 1999, as Skylar Alexis Healey. The mother of Skylar taught at the St. George German Public School in Brantford, Ontario. Her parents separated. Skylar graduated from secondary school in 2017. In Ontario, she attended St. John’s College. During her academic years, she was a champion skater. Skylar is preparing to attend ‘Queen’s University’ to pursue pediatric medicine.

Skylar is trained in a variety of dance styles, but her preference is contemporary dance. In order to add some humor to the practice sessions in the studio, she frequently demonstrates bizarre and amusing steps to her coworkers. Skylar refers to these stairs as “amoeba stairs.” Skylar’s favorite activities outside of dancing are sketching and singing. She also enjoys swimming. She enjoys beach travel tremendously. She dislikes falsehoods, cold pizza, and strawberries.

Estimated Net Worth

Skylar is one of the wealthiest and most renowned dancers in the world. According to our research, Wikipedia, Forbes, and Business Insider, Skylar Healey has a $5 million net worth.