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Updated On May 5, 2023
Hamilton, Ohio
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Hamilton, Ohio

Rapper Slim Jesus, originally Swag Jesus, is from the United States. The reason he is most well known is because of the music videos he uploads to his ImSlimJesus YouTube account. He made his musical debut in 2015 with the smash hit song “Drill Time,” a tribute to the Chicago-based hip-hop subgenre known as a drill. He has now published a large number of original songs, covers, and music videos. Jesus has a large following on social media and in person, just like his idol, Machine Gun Kelly. His YouTube account has more than 228k subscribers and 58 million views as of April 2018. Additionally, the drill rapper has a sizable following on Instagram and Twitter. In terms of his personal life, he had a challenging upbringing while being raised by a single mother. To get to where he is now, he had to work really hard. He draws inspiration from the music of artists like Logic, Chief Keef, and NBA Youngboy. Jesus enjoys spending time with his mother and friends in his free time.

Become a Star

Slim On August 18, 2015, Jesus posted his debut music video, “Drill Time,” to his YouTube page. This song gained popularity quickly and eventually became a big hit. Fans of Jesus and other music enthusiasts continue to watch this video song with passion.

The song has 361k likes and over 47 million views, and it is quite calming to listen to. Other well-known tunes on the rapper’s channel include “Buck Buck” and “Slim Jesus – Traffic (ft. Ca$h & Links)”. If you enjoy Jesus’ voice, you must see both of these music videos.

Jesus has gone on numerous promotional tours. For the purpose of promoting his singles, he once took part in the Young & Ignorant tour. His shows sell out quickly after bookings open, and his tours are highly well-liked.

Despite not posting frequently to his YouTube account, the drill rap music has a large following. Jesus is certain to get a lot more followers in the near future thanks to his never-ending zeal and incredible rapping abilities.

Slim Personal Life

On April 10, 1997, in Hamilton, Ohio, USA, Jesus was born. He had a single mother raise him. His additional family members, educational background, and romantic history are all unknown. Jesus enjoys hanging out with his buddies and frequently engages with his followers on Twitter and Instagram.

Estimated Net Worth

Slim Jesus, a rapper, is therefore thought to be worth $300,000.


In his first video, “Drill Time,” Jesus included a disclaimer stating that all of the prohibited objects shown there are only props. The “false white boy rapper” is another name for the drill rapper.

After Jesus gained notoriety, his supporters started creating memes that compared him to Dewey from the sitcom “Malcolm in the Middle.”