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Alex White, also known as Snow Reacts, has become well-known in this day and age of actions and reactions in a relatively short amount of time. His primary work on YouTube is producing reaction videos. Reaction videos are created in response to images or videos that other users of the internet have shared. He began sometime around the middle of 2016 and gained notoriety for his unconventional responses to reality TV, most notably “Dance Moms.” He currently has 9,000 Twitter followers and over 391,000 YouTube subscribers. Additionally, he has amassed over 28,000 Instagram followers.

The Explosive Ascent to Fame

Snow began his gaming career on YouTube. However, he had far greater success with his reaction videos. After releasing his debut video, “Justin Bieber Gets Thrown to the Ground After Making a Huge Mistake!!!!” in June 2016, he has been steadily releasing new content on (now known as TikTok), YouTube, and Instagram. His “Dance Mom” reaction videos became viral; some of them have received over 250,000 views. He makes films about a variety of subjects, such as the evolution of Disney Channel stars and Harry Potter quizzes. The popularity of his postings and videos has led to the creation of his fan page, Snow Reacts Fandom.

Why Snow Reacts Are So Unique?

In all of his videos, Snow has a natural and spontaneous quality. He doesn’t appear to be staging any of his reactions; they are completely genuine. His audience finds him most endearing because of the childlike way he expresses all of his emotions, whether they be in response to laughing babies or “Dance Moms.” He regularly uses Twitter, TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter to let all of his followers know where he is. Even more intriguing is the fact that, despite having such a significant online presence, he declined to use Facebook, one of the most well-known social media platforms.

He has just begun to produce Vlog videos as well. He creates most of his movies in what appears to be his bedroom, which instantly puts viewers at ease! He’s just a youngster from next door, expressing his feelings about everything around him and, sure, reacting to it! The thing that most jumps out at you is how spontaneous and unplanned every one of his films is. Every response and remark made is genuine and unplanned. He can make up a joke or humorous response out of thin air that will have the audience in stitches. To put it simply, what makes Snow Reacts unique is that he elevates the ordinary to an entirely new plane!

Snow Reacts: Not Just Fame

Snow is a child much like any other who grows up with internet access. However, for a guy his age, his videos are incredibly well-made and polished. He presents himself in a certain manner that he maintains throughout each video. He’s just a young guy having fun and amusing others with his films. He is not involved in any significant scandals or controversies. Furthermore, this project of his is still in its early phases. Thus, based solely on substance, it does assist him in gaining an increasing number of subscribers.

Behind the scenes

As was previously said, Snow’s initial goal was to become a YouTube gamer. The person who most inspired him to start creating YouTube videos was his brother. He’s now starting to do vlogs as well. On his YouTube channel, he asks his fans for advice or suggestions for subjects to cover in his upcoming videos on a discussion page.

Facts of Snow Reacts

Other than YouTube, he goes by ItsSnowHimself on all other social media sites.

Net worth of Snow Reacts

The estimated net worth of Snow Reacts is about $1 million.