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Seoul, South Korea
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Seoul, South Korea

So Ji-sub is a well-known South Korean actor who has appeared in a number of television series. So Ji-career sub’s began with a simple desire to pose alongside Kim Sung-jae (a hip-hop artist). Since then, she has accomplished everything that most people can only dream of. He made his acting debut in 1996’s ‘Three Guys And Three Girls’ television series. Prior to entering the world of television, he worked as a Jeans model. He shot to fame in 2002 when he was cast in SBS’s ‘Glass Slippers’. He made his feature film debut in ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You’. This film established him as a celebrity, which only grew. He has also published books of photo essays and a magazine for his fans called ‘SONICe,’ which featured content such as dating advice, food, books, and music. He is also a rap artist, having released a number of rap singles. His most recent single, ‘So Ganzi,’ was released in 2015 and received positive reviews from his fans.

Childhood & Adolescence

He was born in Seoul, South Korea on November 4, 1977. As a result, Ji-parents sub’s divorced when he was a child. He has an older sister who resides in Australia at the moment.He was quite insecure as a child and developed into a shy, introverted adolescent. He was also physically frail as a child, which is why he began taking swimming lessons at the age of ten.

His passion for swimming grew to the point where he earned a bronze medal at ‘The National Korean Games.’ However, this victory came after ten years of commitment and dedication to swimming.He became a Jeans model ‘by chance’ in 1995. He accompanied a friend to a modeling audition for the ‘STORM’ clothing line. Notably, his friend was not chosen, while So Ji was.

He claims he had no interest in becoming a celebrity, but did so because he adored hip-hop and didn’t want to miss the opportunity to pose with rapper Kim Sung-jae.He landed his first television role two years after being chosen to model for STORM.

Career in the Beginning

Ji-sub debuted on television in 1996 with the sitcom ‘Three Guys And Three Girls.’ He made his television debut in 1997 in the SBS drama series ‘Model’.He received little attention during his early years. Between 1997 and 2002, he appeared in a handful of television series.

Among them are ‘I Hate You, But It’s All Right’ (1998), ‘Wang Rung’s Land’ (2000), ‘Because of You’ (2000), ‘Joa, Joa’ (2000), ‘Cheers for the Women’ (2000), ‘Delicious Proposal’ (2001), ‘Law Firm’ (2001), and ‘We Are Dating Now’ (2001). (2002).His breakthrough role (as the second lead) in ‘Glass Slippers’ in 2002 earned him much-needed fame, and he gradually began ascending the success ladder to a grand career. He appeared in SBS’s ‘Thousand Years of Love’ in 2003.

Career in Television and Film

In 2004, he made his feature film debut in the critically acclaimed drama ‘I’m Sorry, I Love You,’ in which he portrayed a young street artist abandoned by his parents and later adopted by a couple. This role catapulted him to fame.After a lengthy hiatus, he returned in 2008 with ‘Rough Cut,’ a film about a thug who was also a want tobe actor. It was a low-budget film that became a box-office smash.His performance was lauded by critics and fans alike.

After starring in a handful of films and television series, he co-starred with Zhang Ziyi in a Chinese romantic comedy titled ‘Sophie’s Revenge’ in 2009. He later signed with a Chinese talent agency, ‘ATN Entertainment,’ to pursue international opportunities.He returned to Korean drama with SBS’s ‘Cain and Abel,’ a story about two doctors’ sibling rivalry. His performance in the series was lauded by critics and audiences alike, earning him several awards and accolades.

He appeared in the big-budget Korean epic ‘Road No.1’ in 2010. Although the film failed at the box office, it provided him with opportunities to advance his career.He worked on the melodramatic ‘Always’ in 2011, which was eventually screened at the ‘2011 Busan Film Festival. The film was screened during the festival’s opening ceremony.

In 2012, he starred in the television drama ‘Phantom,’ in which he portrayed a workaholic detective. He also appeared in a film, ‘Company Man,’ and a horror film, ‘Master’s Sun,’ in 2013.In 2015, he starred in another romantic comedy, ‘Oh My Venus,’ in which he played a celebrity trainer who falls in love with a lawyer and eventually heals both of them emotionally.In 2017, he starred in the historical action film ‘Battleship Island.’ In 2018, he will star in ‘Now I Will Meet You’ alongside Son Ye-jin, with whom he previously collaborated on the 2001 drama ‘Delicious Proposal’.

Career in Music

He is so passionate about hip-hop that he has released his own singles under the moniker ‘G’/’G-Sonic’. ‘Lonely Life’ (Soundtrack to ‘Rough Cut’) and ‘Foolish Love’ (Soundtrack to ‘Cain and Abel’) are two of his tracks.He released his debut mini-album ‘Corona Borealis’ in March 2012. He followed up with another rap album, ‘6 PM…Ground’, in January 2013. He released his third hip-hop album, ’18 Years,’ in June 2014, and another single, ‘So Ganzi,’ for his fans in 2015.

His Additional Works

In 2005, So enlisted in the military as a public relations officer in Mapo District. He was also named Gangwon Province’s goodwill ambassador to help the province attract more tourists. Additionally, a road in the province was named after him (So Ji-sub Road).He was also chosen as the National Police Agency’s promotional ambassador to raise awareness about cybercrime prevention.

Awards & Achievements

He has won a slew of awards for his mind-blowing performances, including ‘Best Actor at the 2009 Grimae Awards’ (Cain and Abel), ’45th Baeksang Arts Award’ for ‘Best Actor’ (Rough Cut), ‘2004 KBS Drama’s Popularity Award’ (I’m Sorry, I Love You), ‘2009 SBS Drama Award’ for ‘Excellence as an Actor’, ‘3rd Asian Film Awards

His Private Life

So Ji-sub is the proprietor of CJ Foodville’s A Twosome Place in Apgujeong-dong.He is currently single, but was previously linked to Lee Joo Yeon of girl idol group ‘After School.

Estimated Net Worth

So Ji-sub is a South Korean actor who boasts a $16 million net worth. So Ji-sub was born in November 1977 in Seoul, South Korea. In 1995, he trained as a professional swimmer and modeled for STORM jeans. So made his television debut in 2002, appearing in the television series We Are Dating Now and Glass Shoes.