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Jerusalem, Israel
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Jerusalem, Israel

King Solomon, the successor to King David, governed the United Monarchy of Israel for an unprecedented 40 years, a time of unparalleled prosperity and splendor. According to the Quran, monarch Solomon, the final monarch of the United Monarchy before the division of the empire, is one of the principal Prophets, also known as Sulayman. He is credited with constructing the First Temple in Jerusalem as well as numerous other notable structures, including a regal palace. He is revered to this day for his unparalleled wisdom and is frequently referred to as ‘The Wisest Man Who Ever Lived’. King Solomon authored a number of books, including “The Book of Proverbs,” “Ecclesiastes,” “The Song of Solomon,” and “The Book of the Wisdom of Solomon.” His regal splendour spread all over the world and he garnered adulation from all over. His diplomatic abilities allowed him to form strong alliances with some of the greatest powers of his era.

Youth and Early Life

Solomon, also known as Jedidiah, was born in Jerusalem to David, the second monarch of the United Kingdom of Israel and the ancestor of Jesus and Bathsheba, as well as Bathsheba. Adonijah, the eldest son of King David, was the crown’s natural successor. Nonetheless, King David maintained his promise to Bathsheba that Solomon would become king.

Accession and Rule

Solomon became the third monarch of the United Monarchy in 970 B.C. Abiathar was sent into exile because he supported Adonijah, the firstborn son of King David. In the Hebrew Bible passage known as The Judgment of Solomon, two women came to Solomon with an infant, each claiming it as her own. Using his knowledge, he declared that the compassionate woman was the true mother. It is believed that around the 10th century BCE, he constructed the First Temple also named the Solomon’s Temple, according to the Hebrew Bible. In ancient Jerusalem, the temple was built.

He was a prolific writer who produced a vast array of works. His works include “The Book of Proverbs,” “Ecclesiastes,” “Song of Solomon,” and “The Book of Solomon’s Wisdom.” During his reign, according to the Bible, the kingdom flourished and attained its greatest glory. He amassed vast quantities of gold, wealth, and other indulgences. He formed an alliance with Hiram I, King of Tyre, with whom he collaborated closely on numerous initiatives. It is believed that Hiram I sent him building materials for the Jerusalem temple.

During his reign, he constructed numerous important structures in Jerusalem. He built the infrastructure for the city’s water supply and constructed the Milo for the city’s defense. He established the Ezion-Geber port, which was a major facility that facilitated Israel’s commercial activities. Additionally, he commissioned a fleet of ships in Eziongeber. He ruled until 931 B.C., after which his son Rehoboam took over. Using amulets and medallion seals, he was renowned for his magical and exorcist activities in his later years.

Personal History and Legacy

According to biblical accounts, he had approximately 700 spouses and 300 affairs. Among his spouses were foreign princesses and the daughter of Pharaoh. The Queen of Sheba, from the Kingdom of Ethiopia, was so enamored with him that she traveled to meet him bearing gifts of gold, precious stones, and fragrances. According to the Hebrew Bible, he perished from natural causes around the age of 59. His son Rehoboam inherited the throne after his death. Several Israelite tribes did not recognize him as king. This resulted in the division of the United Monarchy into the Kingdom of Israel and the Kingdom of Judah, both of which were governed by Rehoboam.

He is recognized as a pivotal figure in Jewish history. In Islam, he is considered a prophet and a divine messenger.
‘One Thousand and One Nights’, also known as ‘Arabian Nights,’ is a collection of Arabic tales in which he is mentioned frequently. According to legend, he also possessed a mystical key and a magical table. It is also believed that angels assisted him in building the temple.

He has served as an inspiration for numerous literary and contemporary fiction works. King Solomon’s Mines, The Divine Comedy, Die Physiker, The Baroque Cycle, Bartimaeus: The Ring of Solomon, and Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic are some of the works written. In addition, numerous films have been made about him or inspired by him. Included among them are “The Kingdom of Solomon,” “Solomon and Sheba,” and “Solomon.”

Estimated Net Worth

According to the Bible, Solomon was both the richest and wisest individual who ever lived. His estimated net worth was greater than $2 TRILLION.

The trivial

According to Jewish, Islamic, and Christian legends from the Middle Ages, it is believed that the third and final monarch of the United Kingdom possessed a magical signet ring that granted him supernatural powers.