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Austin, Texas

SoMo is a Texas-born American singer-songwriter who is well-known for both his original songs and the cover songs he delivers. SoMo had a very difficult upbringing because he was the oldest son born into a household with a musician father. Because of his music profession, SoMo’s father wasn’t around much when he was a kid, which made him feel somewhat alone. Even worse was witnessing his mother struggle to raise the children by herself. SoMo first gained notoriety when he chose the YouTube route to stardom. He began posting covers of well-known tracks by Chris Brown, Drake, and the Weeknd. He built up a sizable fan base on YouTube over the course of the following two years before signing a record contract with Republic Records, which launched his musical career. He released his self-titled debut record in April 2014, to both critical and commercial success. He issued a studio album called “The Answers” and several installments of his mixtape “My Life” over the course of the following few years. He declared the beginning of his “era” as he set out on a national tour to support his second album.

Early Youth & Life

As the eldest child, SoMo was born Joseph Anthony Somers-Morales on September 11, 1987, in Austin, Texas. His parents were musicians and housewives. His father was a musician who frequently moved around, which made his upbringing somewhat lonesome. His mother struggled a lot as she raised her two children primarily by herself. He began to gravitate toward music as he got older, but he never quite took it seriously.

In the seventh grade, SoMo began to take music a little bit more seriously. He received a letter from a female classmate who affectionately referred to him as JoSoMo, which SoMo liked. He used it as his username on a number of websites and believed it would make a great stage moniker for a musician. He did well in school, and witnessing how hard his father worked to succeed as a musician made SoMo conscious of the struggles he would face if he chose to follow in his father’s footsteps.

He never received any formal music instruction and sang for amusement only. But when his mother gave him a piano in 2008 because she recognized a natural ability in him, SoMo became fixated on it for a full year. By the end of 2010, SoMo made the decision to attempt his hand at making music, and YouTube appeared to be the best method for doing so. A number of struggling musicians found fame by posting their covers of well-known tracks on YouTube.

In 2009, SoMo made the decision to record a cover song on his buddy’s laptop or give up on his musical aspirations. If his friend refused, SoMo would. However, fate had other plans, and SoMo wound up recording the song. After it was posted on YouTube, it went viral and launched SoMo’s career.

Career of SoMo

SoMo’s favorite artist was Chris Brown, and he picked the song “Crawl” as the subject of his first YouTube version. When the music was posted online in 2009, SoMo’s career immediately took off. For a young artist like him, having over 13,000 views in the first week after uploading it was a significant accomplishment. He was also influenced by Drake, and on the same day that Drake’s album “Take Care” was released, SoMo released a medley of songs from that album.

His YouTube channel continued to gain subscribers, and he achieved a level of local fame he had never envisioned, which gave him even more confidence in his music. But despite reaching 100,000 subscribers on his channel, he was still unsure whether a future in music was right for him. Back to the Start was one of the very first original tracks that he posted on YouTube. He began writing original songs around 2011. The song continued to receive a respectable amount of views despite some backlash from his followers due to the song’s “sex fuelled” lyrics.

SoMo began working on his first mixtape as a singer-songwriter in the early months of 2013, and he taped it in a studio with the intention of posting it to YouTube. SoMo made a big chance in the mixtape by fusing hip-hop with pop soul, and he released it in September of that same year. He had no idea Republic Records had been keeping tabs on him. When he released “My Life,” which got a positive response on YouTube, the label contacted SoMo.

SoMo began his professional musical journey when he signed with republic records in October 2013. The mixtape “My Life,” which Republic re-released digitally in November 2013, debuted at number 24 on the US Heatseekers chart, which wasn’t a terrible start at all. The album gradually acquired popularity, and as it discussed SoMo’s real-life encounters with women and life in general, it became popular among young people.

With a song from his debut mixtape, “Ride,” SoMo made his chart début on the Billboard Hot 100. It had a strong debut and reached its pinnacle at position 76 on the chart. The end of the year saw SoMo begin work on his self-titled debut record after signing with Republic. He formally declared the release of his album in February 2014, and the album “SoMo” came out in April of that same year.

Mic Schultz contributed to the album’s production, and it made a big debut at number six on the Billboard 200 list. As a result, SoMo gained more self-assurance about his music, and since he had already gained popularity on the mass market, his YouTube fan base had multiplied many-fold. SoMo started back-to-back national tours soon after the publication of his debut album.

SoMo released his second mixtape, named “My Life II,” in September 2015. He was now a professional musician, and his work reflected that expertise. His love life was one of the more mature topics on the mixtape. But it still had some raunchy songs such as ‘Make up Sex’ and ‘Bad Chick’.

SoMo issued a few singles ahead of the release of his second studio album by the end of 2015, and he made hints that he was working on it. The album’s singles, including “Control,” “First,” and “Play,” which included a number of other performers, received only moderate critical and commercial acclaim.

The Answers was the title of SoMo’s second record, which he officially announced in February 2017. The day after the announcement, a second single, “Just a Man,” was also published, and the album became available for pre-order. The record was virtually absent from the top US charts when it was released in March 2017 because it was unable to build up enough momentum before then.

SoMo published the third installment of his mixtape, titled “My Life III,” in September 2017. SoMo released the mixtape under his own recently formed SoMo label and LLC at that point, having already founded his own record label.

Individual Existence of SoMo

SoMo has been chasing the dream of receiving a Grammy Award ever since he became successful. He has received numerous invitations to the awards event, but he has never received a nomination.

Estimated net worth

The estimated net worth of SoMo is about $1 million.