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Canadian YouTuber Christie Lowon, also known as SoooKawaii, is well-known for posting adorable toy videos to her channel. In addition, she’s well-known for producing and releasing lifestyle films on her own YouTube channel. She has a distinct personality on social media and has a strong enthusiasm for soft toys. Her writing is hilarious, creative, engaging, and kid-friendly. Her films are all really worth viewing, ranging from squishy dares and hauls to squishy parcels and collections! In addition, Lowon aspires to be a lifestyle and beauty expert and enjoys imparting her knowledge to others in these areas. Behind the scenes, she’s a modest, endearing, and kind woman. She may be an eternal child in heart, but in real life, she is a responsible adult. Above all, she cherishes her friends and family.

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SoooKawaii  Ascent to Fame

On April 18, 2014, Christie Lowon launched her YouTube channel, SoooKawaii. “Squishy Pet Peeves” was her debut video featuring squishy toys. Another squishy toy video in which Lowon showed off an incredible squishy package to her audience came after this one. She responded to several fan queries in a question and answer video titled “Q&A PART 2!” that she shared on July 15, 2015. She posted her video, “Terrible Squishy Package,” on April 22, 2016. After being watched several times, this cuddly vlog eventually received millions of views. She then shared more of these squishy toy-related posts, such as hauls, packages, and do-it-yourself projects.

One of the most well-liked channels for squishy toy content nowadays is Lowon’s SoooKawaii channel. With almost 720k subscribers, this channel is geared toward children.

‘Extreme Squishy Dares-Yes, I Cut My $30 Squishy,’ one of SoooKawaii’s most popular videos, is quite entertaining to watch. Squishy lovers shouldn’t miss this video, which has received over 94k likes and over 11 million views!

In reference to Christie Lowon’s channel of the same name, it debuted on August 16, 2017. A couple lifestyle videos that the young Canadian beauty has produced are featured in it. This channel’s most recent video is titled “Everyday Makeup Routine!! 2017 Edition.” Lowon has exhibited an easy-to-wear makeup look for daily wear in this vlog. Since its August 23, 2017 publication, this beauty tutorial has received over 13,000 views (as of November 2018). Lowon hasn’t updated her lifestyle channel with any new content since then.

Individual Life of SoooKawaii

On June 14, 2003, SoooKawaii was born in Canada. She has a passion for both gymnastics and photography. There is no information accessible about her family members. She currently has over 104k followers on Instagram, a social networking site where she is active. Both SoooKawaii and fellow YouTuber Catherine De Mayo are well-known for posting only squishy toy-related stuff on their channels.

Net worth of SoooKawaii

The estimated net worth of SoooKawaii is about $1 million.