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British actress Sophie Simnett is best known for playing Skye Hart in the Disney Channel series “The Lodge.” Simnett started her profession at a young age and proceeded to perform various roles in TV series. 2015 saw her debut in a TV series. Despite the role being brief, she caught the attention and quickly began receiving other jobs. She primarily portrayed teen characters, which led to her being well-known. She was given an adolescent role in the movie “Mum’s List,” which helped her gain notoriety and admiration. She also appeared in the drama TV shows “Endeavour” and “Ransom” in the years that followed. Simnett has performed in a lot of music videos in addition to acting.

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Career of Sophie Simnett

Sophie Simnett, a British actress, became well-known for playing Sky Hart in the Disney Channel drama series “The Lodge.” At the age of six, she began her acting career and made appearances in a few TV shows. Her debut appearance was in the 2015 television series “Dickensian.” The universe of the popular novels by Charles Dickens served as the backdrop for the drama series. Simnett only appeared in one episode and made a cameo appearance.

She appeared in the 2016 television series “Mum’s List,” which was based on the best-selling book by St. John (Singe) Greene. Simnett gained popularity and notoriety for her performance as young Kate in this television program. She appeared as Scarlett or Blonde Student in another TV show called “The Five” that same year. Author Harlan Coben wrote the mystery/crime series “The Five.” Simnett was a guest character who only made an appearance in three episodes of the show.

Her breakthrough performance came in the 2016 premiere of “The Lodge.” A young girl who takes charge of her grandfather’s lodge was the subject of the television program. Simnett was the main character in this show, unlike every other show. In addition to this, she played Pippa Leyton in the television series “Endeavour.” Simnett appeared in two episodes of this drama about a crime and a mystery. Simnett won another TV series in 2017, “Ransom,” in which she portrayed Sofia Bonnar.

Simnett has dabbled in singing in addition to acting. In 2016, she provided a voiceover for the television program “The Lodge.” Simnett sang “Favourite Place To Be,” “If You Only Knew” (duet), and “Tell It Like It Is” (Duet).

Individual Life of Sophie Simnett

On December 5, 1997, Sophie Simnett was born in London, England. Her hometown is Chiswick in West London, and she attended Putney High School. She was a theatre scholar during her time in high school. She has additionally taken a lot of acting and film classes. She turned down numerous acting courses at Bristol, Surrey, Warwick, and Royal Holloway in favor of more worthwhile endeavors. Simnett is a singer and ukulele player in addition to being an actor.

According to rumors, Sophie Simnett is dating Luke Newton, co-star of “The Lodge.” Her social media posts give the impression that the pair is content and still going strong.

Sophie Simnett’s net worth

She apparently costs between $10K and $15K every episode, and her total net worth is estimated to be approximately $3.5 million, according to news reports.