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Dancer and choreographer Sori Na from South Korea publishes dancing videos on her YouTube page. She is a member of the renowned Korean dancing studio and is a qualified hip-hop dancer. Sori Na started uploading a variety of dancing videos on YouTube and quickly became well-known. Both English and Korean music are featured in her choreography videos. Na frequently appears in dancing videos with other members of her team. She also has videos on the well-liked South Korean YouTube channel “1MILLION Dance Studio.” She is regarded as one of South Korea’s most well-known dancers. Her social media following is comparable to that of K-pop stars.

The career of Sori Na

The majority of the choreography in Sori Na’s videos is performed to diverse tunes in varied styles. She is a part of the “1 MILLION DANCE STUDIO” and they have posted her films on their YouTube channel as well. She is a member of the dance group Indonesia Workshop. Na is part of the group along with her friends Mina Myoung and Junasun Yoo. The trio is renowned for performing at concerts that are well-known throughout South Korea. Na runs her own studio where she instructs her students and tries out cutting-edge dance styles. She is well known for preferring rap music and hip-hop dancing, and she adores Meek Mill and Kendrick Lamar’s songs. She was one of the fortunate few who had the chance to perform as a background dancer in Tyga concerts.

On her YouTube channel, Na’s videos have a tremendous following. She has shared dancing videos to a variety of tunes, including English and South Korean songs. She performed a dance with Jay Park, Mina Myoung, and May J Lee on the song “All I Wanna Do.” She can be seen dancing to the music with other dancers in the center of the video. The dance is well-coordinated, easily executed, and features original dance moves. Numerous remarks also imply that the fans are drawn to Na not just for her dance prowess but also for her rapport with the other gang members.

Sori Na also created the choreography for the well-known Rihanna song “Work.” On their YouTube channel, 1 MILLION DANCE STUDIO released the video. In the video, Na performs alongside four boys (and subsequently with girls) while dancing in an eccentric manner to Rihanna songs.

Individual Life of Sori Na

Sori Na was born in South Korea on February 19, 1992. She has spent much of her time in South Korea and Florida. On social networking sites, particularly YouTube, she enjoys enormous popularity. Sori Na enjoys sports, including basketball and cycling, in addition to dance. She values her health and prefers to work out outside.

Estimated net worth

Successful South Korean dancer and choreographer Sori Na publishes dancing footage on her YouTube page. Sori Na’s net worth is thought to be between $600,000 and $1 million, according to a number of reliable online sites.