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Sosie Bacon is an American actor who is the daughter of acclaimed Hollywood actors Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick. Her parents opposed her becoming an actor, but she was first exposed to the camera when she portrayed the 10-year-old version of ‘Emily’ in the film ‘Loverboy’. Her charisma and potential to become an actor were recognized when, at the age of 21, she was crowned “Miss Golden Globe.” She has appeared in several films, including ‘Another Life’ and ‘Ana Maria in Novela Land.’ Among her forthcoming works are ‘Charlie Says’ and ‘The Last Summer.’ She is well-known in the United States due to her roles in the television series ‘Scream,’ ’13 Reasons Why,’ and ‘Story of a Girl.’ Sosie has also performed with “The Bacon Brothers,” a musical duo consisting of her father Kevin, and his older sibling Michael. Additionally, she has performed with her brother’s band, ‘Idiot Box.’ She is active on social media and has an extensive fan base. She is currently unattached and focusing on her acting career. She has maintained close relationships with her parents and older sibling, who are all involved in the entertainment business.

Youth and Early Life

Sosie Ruth Bacon was born in Los Angeles, California, on March 15, 1992, to Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedgwick, both of whom are well-known figures in the American entertainment industry. She was named after art director Sosie Hublitz, who appeared in the film “Miss Rose White,” in which Kyra starred. Kyra had recently completed filming when Sosie was born.

Due to the hectic lifestyle in Hollywood, her parents wanted to nurture her as an ordinary child and did not initially want her to become an actor. She attended Riverdale Country School in the Bronx and was reared Jewish along with the other children in the neighborhood. She spent time with her older sibling Travis whenever her parents were out hunting.

Her father cast her in a flashback sequence from the 2005 film ‘Loverboy’ as the 10-year-old version of the character portrayed by her mother in the family drama. She appeared singing “Life on Mars?” by David Bowie.’ in the film. Her sibling also played a small part in the film, making it a family affair. According to her father, he chose Sosie for the role because no one else could have performed it more effectively.

Although her parents opposed her acting career, she attracted the attention of producer James Duff, who saw her acting potential. In 2009, he convinced her parents to let her appear in his detective procedural drama “The Closer.” The program also featured her mother, who played the role of ‘Deputy Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson.’ After enjoying the experience of acting, young Sosie completed her education to satisfy her parents.

She graduated from secondary school and enrolled in the prestigious Brown University. During her time at university, she also pursued acting with CAP21 Musical Theater. Sosie took a fondness to the entertainment industry and ultimately persuaded her parents to let her pursue her ambition of becoming an actor.

Sosie Bacon’s Career

Her adult acting career began in 2012 when she joined the ensemble of Dan Mills and Randy Redd’s Off-Broadway musical “Fiction in Photographs.” Her performance was praised, which contributed to her industry recognition.
In 2014, she gained the title of “Miss Golden Globe” from Clint Eastwood’s daughter Francesca Eastwood, giving her career a boost.

The distinction is given annually by the Hollywood Foreign Press Association. She appeared as ‘Frances Funicello’ in the coming-of-age comedy ‘Wishin’ and Hopin’. The same year, she also appeared in two short films titled ‘Another Life’ and ‘Lady Lonely.’

She was now an actor full-time. In 2015, she appeared as ‘Poppy Lake’ and ‘Cassie’ in the romantic comedies ‘Ana Maria in Novela Land’ and ‘Off Season,’ respectively. Her soon-to-be-released films include the detective drama “Charlie Says” and the romantic comedy “The Last Summer.”

Sosie has a parallel TV career. In 2014, she appeared in the television series “Basic Witches.” This was quickly followed by her portrayals of ‘Rachel Murray’ and ‘Summer Harris in the horror series ‘Scream’ and ‘Lost Boy,’ respectively.

She portrayed ‘Skye Miller’ in 15 episodes of the popular web series ’13 Reasons Why’ between 2017 and 2018, and she portrayed ‘Stacey’ in ‘Story of a Girl’ in 2017. Her most recent role is as ‘Kristen’ in the HBO drama series ‘Here and Now,’ which debuted in February 2018.

She is a well-established actress who has tried out a variety of roles. She is active on Instagram and has a large, multi-generational fan base. She has also performed at numerous venues with her father’s musical duo and her brother’s band.

Sosie’s Major Opera

Her films include ‘Loverboy’ (2005), ‘Wishin’ and Hopin” (2014), ‘Another Life’ (2014), ‘Lady Lonely’ (2014), ‘Ana Maria in Novela Land’ (2015), ‘Off Season’ (2015), ‘Charlie Says’ (to be released soon), and ‘The Last Summer’ (upcoming). She has been seen in the television series ‘The Closer (2009), ‘Basic Witches’ (2014), ‘Scream’ (2015–2016), ‘Lost Boy’ (2015), ’13 Reasons Why’ (2017–2018), ‘Story of a Girl’ (2017), and ‘Here and Now’ (2017). (2018).

Awards & Achievements

Sosie Bacon was crowned “Miss Golden Globe 2014.” Typically, the title is bestowed upon the daughter of a Hollywood celebrity who is nominated to help dole out awards at the ceremony. It is regarded as a stepping stone to fame.

Bacon’s Personal Life

While she is active on social media, she has concealed her private life from the public. She has been frequently observed with a boy known as “dobbyisland” on Instagram since 2014, but she has given no indications of a serious relationship, and social media indicates she is currently single. Despite the hectic tempo of Hollywood, she has maintained close relationships with her parents and brother.

Estimated Net Worth

American actress Sosie Bacon has a net worth of $250,000. She was born in March 1992. Sosie is the daughter of actors Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon. Her parents did not want her to become an actress, as she had a typical upbringing.


Sosie Bacon dislikes cosmetics and high heels and had to practice extensively prior to her 2014 Miss Golden Globe appearance. Her sibling Travis Bacon is a member of the four-member rock–punk band Idiot Box and has appeared in minor film roles. Kevin Bacon, in addition to acting and directing, performs for the musical duo ‘The Bacon Brothers,’ for which Travis and Sosie have also performed.